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Mad Martha II (Mad_Martha_2.txt)

Mad Martha 2 (Spectrum)
Chris Evans

Take fruit; open door; 1; take watch; wear watch; open 
curtain; take book; out; 2; give fruit; south; south; east; 
take spectacles; wear spectacles; read letter; drop letter; 
open door; 4; read advert; out; 5; take matches; out; 6; 
south; east; north; east; save the game before the first 
arcade sequence; in; this is the first arcade sequence 
where you must avoid the other diners in the restaurant!; 
take hankie; west; south; west; north; save before the 
second arcade sequence; in; now you must avoid the bull by 
jumping over it!; drop hankie; wear rose; south; take key; 
east; north; north; west; south; west; take boots; wear 
boots; east; north; north; save before the final arcade 
game; open door; arcade game where you must get to the exit 
through the maze; open door; light match; take can; open 
door; up; take map; read map; drop map; down; east; take 
petrol; west. west; south; use boat.

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