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Castle of Fear (Castle_of_Fear.txt)

´╗┐CASTLE OF FEAR (The Micro User magazine, August 1984)

This game has several random events, so the walk-through cannot be guaranteed 
to work every time.

Goal of the game: to win the game, you must to collect all three coins 
(Bronze, Silver and Gold) and then place one each in 3 consecutively-aligned 
rooms. At the same time, a wandering troll is attempting to do the same with 
the jewels found in the castle. If he succeeds first, then you are struck to 
death on the spot!

However the starting position of the coins is the same with every game. The 
following walk-through should result in a win after a few tries.

Starting from the Guests Lounge: E, N, N, W, W, S, S, D, G (get Bronze coin), 
E, E, U, G (get Silver coin), W, U, E, N, N, W, W, G (get Golden coin), L 
(drop Golden coin in North end of King's bedroom), E, L (drop Silver coin in 
Queen's bedroom), E, L (drop Bronze coin in Northern end of N/S passage). If 
all has gone well, all three coins should now be aligned in a straight row 
and you win!

8-bit Tinker August 2013

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