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Castle of Fear (Castle_of_Fear_hints.txt)

´╗┐CASTLE OF FEAR (The Micro User magazine, August 1984)

Some hints for playing:

1. What do I need to do to complete the game?
2. How do I escape from the Trap room (north of the Guests' Lounge)?
3. How many coins are there in the game, and where are they?
4. How is the type of coin that you pick up determined?
5. How many jewels are there in the game?
6. What are the rules for picking up and dropping objects?
7. What purpose is the FEED ME room?
8. Where does the coin go when dropped in the Queen's dressing chamber?
9. What is the troll trying to do? 
10. What is the meaning of the messages "You hear a distant SLUURP!" and "You 
hear a distant WHOOF!"
11. What benefit is the Attack command?
12. Where does the coin go when stolen by a sprite?

Hint 1:

The aim of the game is to collect all 3 coins (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and 
then place them in a straight line, by leaving one in each of 3 consecutive 
rooms in the castle. This must be done within the time-limit of 100 turns, 
and the game will end if the wandering troll similarly succeeds in placing 3 
jewels in a straight line in the castle.

Hint 2:

It is not possible to escape from this room, so avoid going north from the 
Guests' Lounge. If you accidentally wander in, you will need to restart.

Hint 3:

There are 3 coins in the game. At the start of the game, the coins are in the 
following rooms: North end of King's bedroom, South end of dining room and 
Bottom of well.

Hint 4:

The type of coin that is picked up is determined by how many coins the player 
is carrying already. If it is the first coin, it will be Bronze; if it is the 
second coin, it will be Silver; if it is the third coin it will be Golden.

Hint 5:

There are 4 jewels in the game. The game starts with the troll carrying one, 
and there are 3 others placed in the castle.

Hint 6:

The player can pick up only coins; the troll can pick up only jewels. The 
player cannot drop a coin in a room that already contains an object (jewel or 

Hint 7:

This is a red herring. Dropping a coin here results in it being lost 
permanently, making the game unwinnable.

Hint 8:

If you drop a coin in the Queen's dressing chamber, it rolls away down a hole 
and is placed in the Trap room (making the game unwinnable).

Hint 9:

The troll wanders the castle, randomly choosing between a room with a jewel, 
the room the player is in, or another random room. He will attempt to pick up 
a jewel if it is in the room he visits, and drop a jewel if the room is empty 
(if he is carrying one). His objective is to place 3 jewels in a straight 
line in the castle i.e. one jewel in 3 consecutive rooms. If he does this, 
the player loses and is killed instantly.

Hint 10:

These messages occur when the wandering troll picks up or drops a jewel, 
respectively, and is in another room.

Hint 11:

There is no benefit in using this command, and it can result in your death 
(if you use it when the troll is in the same room and is carrying a jewel).

Hint 12:

It is placed in a random room in the castle (except for the Trap room). You 
can find it again by searching the castle.

8-bit Tinker August 2013

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