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Roog (Roog.txt)

ROOG (Dragonsoft) – the solution

I, (you have credit card), East, South, East (in Diving Shop), Buy 
Aqualung (from shopkeeper), Get Aqualung, W, North, W, (you are outside 
the house), Enter Door, (you end Up in a secret room), W, W (to large 
room), Get (telephone) Book, East, East, East, GIVE BOOK (to minotaur, 
who reads out a phone number), W, W, W, Dial Telephone Number, (you are 
automatically taken North). 
North, Get (ion) Drive, Down, South, South, Get Aerosol (can), Examine 
Aerosol, North, North, East, (you are in a dark cave), Get (chewing) 
Gum, South, South, Give (credit) Card (to orc), South, South, W, (you 
see a rockfall), Drop Aerosol, Drop Gum, Drop Drive, East, North, Wear 
Aqualung, Dive (into pool), E, E, E, E, Get Cushion, North, East, Enter, 
(to secret room), Get Dagger, Examine Dagger (treasure). 
W, W, South, South, Enter (inside hut), Get Spade, Get Key, Get Whisk, 
Examine Whisk (treasure), W, North, W, W, W, North, Up, Give Cushion (to 
hermit), Get Pack (playing cards), Down, South, Dive (into pool), W, 
South, W, Dig (you dig a small tunnel), Get Gum, Drop Spade, Remove 
Aqualung, Drop Aqualung, Get Aerosol, Get Drive, W, Play Cards (with 
skeleton, he gives you a torch), Get Torch. 
North, Drop Drive, Open Door, Get Jewels, Open Door, Drop Key, Get 
Drive, South, W, W, Enter (pit), East, East, Give Aerosol (to octopus, 
you automatically go East), North (keep doing this until it lets you go 
North), Enter (spaceship), Stick Drive (with gum), Pilot Ship.

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