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Black Sanctum (Black_Sanctum.txt)

 Black Sanctum Walkthrough

Versão 0.0 - 08/setembro/2002
Copyright (c) 2002 by Ricardo Mendonça Ferreira  --

 Este é o walkthrough do "Black Sanctum", um jogo gráfico de 
aventura produzido para o CP-400 (TRS-Color), distribuído pela 
Mark Data Products.
 Os adventures distribuídos pela Mark Data podem ser encontrados 
na forma executável e com os fontes (para CP-400 e para PC) no 
site de um dos criadores (Bob Whiters):
 O restante do texto está em inglês, mas não é nada difícil de 
entender. Até mesmo um tradutor automático deve dar conta do 
recado... :-)

 This is the walkthrough for the "Black Sanctum" graphical 
adventure, produced for the TRS-Color (Coco - Color Computer), 
distributed by Mark Data Products.
 You can find Mark Data's adventures, both source and binaries 
(for the Coco and the PC) on the site of one of the programmers 
(Bob Whiters):

During the game, you'll find what is your goal.
You can type only the initial four letters of a word ("inve" 
instead of "inventory") or the initials of some commands (I, L, N, 
S, E, W, ...) to speed up typing. Use "get all" and "drop all" to 
get/drop all objects.
Some deaths are rather random, so always save your progress!!!

--| At the Cabin |--
go cabin, get shovel, open door, go door, drop shovel, look 
fireplace, look mantle, look, close door, get wine, go stairs, 
look bed, look woman, get note, look note, drop note, invocare 
episcopus, go closet, look mirror, look robe, look emblem, get 

--| The Other Side |--
go mirror, south, look plaque, open door, east, north, look 
bookcases, look bookcases, look bookcases, look, get manuscript, 
get parchment, look manuscript, look parchment, drop manuscript, 
south, west, west, south, listen, south, east, get lantern, west, 
north, north, east, north, go mirror, drop lantern, drop 
parchment, go mirror, south, east, south, south, go stairs, get 
keys, give wine, get keys, get saw, get shears, down, north, east, 
get jug, south, east, unlock door, north, go mirror

--| Interlude |--
drop all, get robe, get parchment, get lantern, west, down, get 
matches, go stairs, go closet, go mirror, south, go door, look 
statues, look organ, play organ, play fugue, look, go passage, 
look circle, look raven, look lectern, look passage, look opening, 
go vent, light lantern, look, north, get hammer, look coffin, open 
coffin, look skeleton, listen, south, go vent, unlight lantern, 
get raven, drop lantern, drop matches

--| Things to Get |--
go passage, north, north, go mirror, drop parchment, get shears, 
get jug, west, look woman, look hair, cut hair, drop shears, get 
hair, look bed, get sheet, down, open door, get snow, close door, 
go stairs, go closet, go mirros, south, go door, go passage, look 
statue, drop hair, drop jug, drop sheet, go passage, north, west, 
south, south, east, pull nails, drop hammer, west, north, north, 
east, north, go mirror, get saw, west, down, get net, open door, 
get shovel, dig snow, drop shovel, go door, west, look needles, 
get needles, go cabin, go door, go stairs, go closet, go mirror, 
south, go door, go passage, get raven, drop net, get feather

--| Got Almost Everything |--
drop raven, drop saw, get lantern, get matches, light lanter, drop 
matches, get saw, go vent, north, drop needles, drop feather, drop 
saw, south, go vent, get hair, get jug, get sheet, go vent, north, 
drop hair, drop jug, drop sheet, south, go vent, get salt, go 
vent, north, drop salt, south, go door, get all, go door, north

--| Do It! |--
make altar, get ashes, s, go vent, drop ashes, invocare episcopus

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