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Captain Kook (Captain_Kook.txt)

Authored by Paul Cardin
Published by The Silent Corner

Solution by The Erudite Troglodyte
(September 2003)

Part One

push red button, d, x bulkheads, get suit, wear it, u, e, s, s, sw, s, get plench, n, nw, n, stop
disc with plench, s, se, ne, remove suit, open tap with plench, l (8x), wear suit, sw, pull lever,
nw, touch set, se, ne, n, n, touch hatch, d, x recess (you'll find a ball, but DON'T TOUCH
IT YET!), x recess, get gloves, wear it, get ball, u, s, put ball in cavity, spin ball:

    videorb with
    handling gloves
    operational radio
    remote control

remove gloves, drop it, s, sw, break panel with lever, d, x paraphernalia, get phial, enter booth,
get rope, out, u, nw, touch set, x printer, get message, se, s, x computers, get readout, feed
message into slot, l (14x - or explore the ship for 14 turns to see what needs to be done), x slot,
get copy, read it, type issue resistor, type issue card, type issue ore, get all, drop copy, n, ne,
open pad, insert resistor with plench, drop plench, touch pad, sw, nw, n, n, put ore in chute, get
powerpack, s, s, se, move left, pull ring, put powerpack in radio, get radio, wear it, help, tie
rope to stanchion, d, d, enter booth, insert card into aperture, put readout on glass, x readout:

    V55 39-1/2...uncharted
    V55-39-3.....2329   <- This is the one you want

get readout, get card, out, u, ne, n, get gloves, wear it, get ball, n, w (Kreeg radios in), push
blue button, d, x banks, get remote, key 2329, push button, enter pad

On to Part Two!

Codeword for Part Two is:  onaclov

Part Two

wipe statue, key 1835, push button, mount head

push button, e, d, d, drop ball and card, remove gloves, drop it, u, x corner, touch keyboard, x
hole, get all, u, w, shake phial in rag, put phial in mouth, e, e, wipe plate with rag, drop all
except charges, touch plate, throw all charges, remove suit, drop it, e, x boulder, get lodestone,
w, get all, wear suit, w, w, get casket, open door, get rope, d, d, d, drop diode, cut rope with
glass, drop glass, tie cord to casket, tie strand to lodestone, lower casket, lower lodestone, raise
lodestone, raise casket, get saturnium from casket, (now lower and raise the casket and lodestone
until you can retrieve the diode back - it's your ownly source of light), raise casket (if
it's lowered), drop it, u, u, u, w, e, d, d, get card, put it in slot

s, sw, push tree, put rag on table, get rag, ne, burn bracken, d, x skeleton, get mutekey, get web

Important Note:  The tunnel you're about to enter is 40 rooms long.  Somewhere along the
tunnel, sooner or later you'll come across a spider -- I've seen it most often in
partition 15 of the tunnel.  If you have the web, you can get the spider.  Find it before

n (28x until you get to the transporter), push transporter north, n (12x until you get to the end of
the tunnel), drop all except diode, get capsule, go transporter, push wall, drop capsule, get out of
transporter, push transporter north, n (12x or so until you get to the end of the tunnel), get all,

feed mutekey into hole, put saturnium on pad, touch hatch, get gloves, drop web, get spider from
web, put spider on ball, touch hatch, put gloves on pad, get capsule, s (41x), e, put capsule in

You Win!

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