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Bob Esponja -La Aventura- (Bob_Esponga_La_Avontura.txt)

Bob Esponga -La Aventura-
Walkthrough by Alex Dijkstra for the ZX Spectrum

HABLAR (the shark tells you he has a treasure map he wants to sell for 1 dollar), 
COGER CANGREBURGER, S, O, HABLAR (the old lady, Sheldon J. Plankton in disguise, tells you she wants
to buy a burger), DAR CANGREBURGER (you obtain a dollar), N, ENTRAR, COGER CLARINETE, SALIR, S, E,
EXAMINAR CONTENEDOR, USAR CLARINETE (you obtain a jellyfishcatcher), N, DAR BILLETE (obtain map), S,
S, USAR MAPA (Karen translates the map), N, E, N, N, O, MOVER ANZUELOS (you find a net), COGER RED,
USAR RED Y CAZAMEDUSAS (you repair the jellyfishcatcher), E, S, E, USAR CAZAMEDUZAS (you cath the
jellyfish and are able to go east), E, EXAMINAR VEGETACION (you find a board), MOVER PALANCA (you
find a cave), ENTRAR, SALIR (you encounter the invisible boat of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy),
SALIR, O, O, S, ENTRAR, HABLAR (you obtain your licence. you can only do this after you've
found the boat), SALIR, N, E, E, ENTRAR, USAR CARNET, USAR MEDUSAS (the flying dutchman escapes),
ENTRAR, COGER COFRE, SALIR, O, O, DAR COFRE (Sandy opens the trunk).

Has conseguido el tesoro del Holandes volador!!!