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Kingdom of Kull (Kingdom_of_Kull.txt)

                                Walkthrough for

                                Kingdom of Kull

                              by Jeremy Williams
                          Published in ZX Computing
                               in February 1987

                            Written by Richard Bos

  First, a few notes. 
  To start with, this is a BASIC text adventure for the ZX Spectrum, which was
published in ZX Computing February issue of 1987. As a game it's nothing
special, but it has graphics which, though slow (sometimes very slow), are
quite nice for a Basic game. You can turn them off if you want, but frankly
they're the only real bright point of the game. It also has wandering monsters,
but except for two (who you'll meet in the walkthrough below), they do nothing
but attack you.
  The map is confusing. There are a lot of single-direction connections, loops,
and paths which bring you back to a previous part of the game, sometimes
without the option of going the right way again. And there are a couple of
instant death locations - beware. Also, there is no help feature, and in fact
not many hints at all. Then again, most (but not all) problems are trivial. 
  The vocabulary is not large. You get a chance to see all verbs at the start
of the game. There is no "inventory"; instead, there is "how". None of the
verbs can be abbreviated, nor can the nouns; you will need to enter the
commands below exactly as given. Directions are an exception; you can
abbreviate those. And, of course, where I say "e twice", you enter "e" twice,
not "e twice".

If you meet a monster, ignore it. Don't fight anyone who doesn't attack you; it
doesn't further your game and only endangers you. If you _are_ attacked, there
is nothing you can do about it, but sleep afterwards to restore your strength.

West, open door, take sword, n, e thrice, s twice, take rope, e, s twice, e,
open door, take lantern, e twice, take boat, sleep. (You have now lost the
boat, but you don't need it again).
Take fish, n twice, w, n, w twice, n, e twice, n, open chest, take food,
eat food, s, w twice, open door, n, w, s, open cupboard, examine ring,
take ring, n, give bear fish (repeat if he refuses), n.
East twice, n, e, s, e, s, take bone, s, e, s five times, give king ring,
eat food, ask king for ring (repeat if he refuses), w, s, open door with bone,
drop bone, e, take key (no, I don't know how you're supposed to know that it's
here), w, n, open door with key, w.

We haven't used the rope; there is one place in the game where it would be
useful, but I haven't taken you past it. You'd think you could tie something up
with it, but in fact its use is somewhat the opposite. Try and find it.