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Alien Adventure (Alien_Adventure.txt)

Alien Adventure

written by Ian Upton and published by Stephen Hartley Software for the ZX 


The game has no introduction so, presumably, the cassette liner provided 
the scenario. Anyway, your aim in this adventure is to escape from the 
alien planet. The adventure is written in Basic and commands are mostly 
entered in the verb-noun format. The 'look' command is especially useful 
and 'R' redescribes. Rather than typing 'go north' or other directions in 
that form., use abbreviations instead. 


(You begin the game in a deep quarry, but do not hang around there!)

Look (you spot a hidden gully), E, E, look (you can see a red cliff), get 

Around this time the bird should be closing in, so shoot bird (you miss, 
but scare the bird away), climb cliff, S, get blue crystal, N, W, S, W, dig 
rubble, get metal, E, N, E, climb cliff.

S, get rope, open door (not possible), N, shoot bird, E, E, S, W, look 
(orange light), open door (nope), throw rope (it falls back), tie rope to 
metal, throw rope (it catches), climb rope (the trapdoor slams shut).

W, S, shoot bird, W, U, get mask, wear mask, W, look (a glorious sunset), 
E, N, press button (but do not press it again), W, look, E, E, look, W, S, 

E x 2, N, E, get jelly, shoot bird, W, S, E, D, open door (rusted solid), 
help (a clue), lubricate door ('what with?'), jelly, open door ('Do you 
want to enter?'), Y.

Get coin, W, move barrels, climb through hole, dig rubble, get copper key, 
N, E, E, climb through hole, S, open crate, get grenade, E, pull pin, drop 
grenade, W, wait (you hear a blast), E (the camera has been destroyed), D, 
insert key, open door, Y.

This next level has certain random elements, so save the game at this point 
as you may be killed by one of the aliens during the following stage.

D, get sandwich, eat sandwich (cheese flavour), S, E, insert coin (don't 
worry, you won't lose), W, shoot plant, shoot door, climb through hole, D, 
shout door, climb through hole, type (a metal screen prevents further 
computer access), N, look, W, D, look vent, pull vent.

Climb through vent, S, S, look chart (note the blue coordinates - 'Earth' 
backwards), shoot alien (if it's here), press button ('which?'), R, press 
button, B, E, insert crystal, press button.

'You materialize in front of your Sinclair Spectrum Computer. Someone has 
been playing Space Invaders and has beaten your high score. Well done, 
you're home.'

A Wibble and Blim production for The Classic Adventure Solution Archive.

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