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Envelope, The (Envelope.txt)

The Envelope

published by Yodasoft for the ZX Spectrum


This Quill'ed adventure sees the player taking the role of a private 
detective set a mission to recover evidence which would send Big Boss 
Bernard to the electric chair. 

The game was written by a German author and, unfortunately, is riddled 
with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, but is reasonably logical.

Note that it is not necessary to type "enter car" or "leave car" as just 
"car" and "out" will suffice. Similarly, once in the car, only the first 
four letters of a destination need to be typed, e.g. "Hill".


You begin in your office.

Sit, use telephone, connect telephone (and receive your mission), say 
messenger (Mr. Gray who lives at Subgate 12), stand, east, move sofa, get 
wallet, examine wallet, east, examine building (Sunset 5).

Car, Hill, out, get rag, east, ask Stanley ("too busy"), car, Subgate, 
out, go garden, get tin, examine tin, get keys, drop tin, out, east, 
knock, show licence, say envelope (and learn about Sam Saucy), out, west, 
car, Sunset.

Out, west x 2, examine cupboard, read papers (Sgt. Lucas 907153), sit, 
call 907153, say Saucy (he lives at Park Street 3), stand, east x 2, car, 
Park, out.

North, knock door, use keys, north, examine man, search man, get paper, 
read paper (Mrs Merino, Central 475), drop paper, get gun, south, east, 
examine table, get screwdriver, west, south, clean handle (otherwise you 
will later be arrested), drop rag. 

South, car, Central, out, north, go bar, ask (for) Merino, ask (about) 
Saucy, out, wait, follow Merino, go (to) reception, bribe receptionist, 
knock door, ask (about) blackmail, ask (about) envelope, shoot Shiver, 
north, open TV (with the screwdriver), get envelope.

South, out x 2, west x 2, car, Hill, out, east, give envelope.

"I knew you would do it! Here is your money, and don't tell anyone about 
it, eh?"

Red herrings are the banana skin; the empty glass; and, the cigarettes. 
How you are supposed to know that the envelope is hidden in the 
television is utterly beyond me.

A Wibble and Blim production for CASA

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