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Adventure (Adventure_paul_mcguire.txt)

                 Solution for Paul McGuire's Quill version of


This is a Quilled version of the classic Colossal Cave a.k.a. Adventure. It's
not a full version - several puzzles have been cut. The end game and pirate's
maze will hardly be missed, but the omission of the Dark Room is a pity. Some
connections are also different from the original. This walkthrough will
therefore not work with any other version of Adventure, nor will the usual
walkthroughs work for this one.
The biggest problem, though, is that this game has a bug. One treasure, the
silver bars, are not given a starting location (in the original, they're just
lying about), nor is there any way to make them appear. Since you need all
treasures to win, this is a problem. There is, however, a simple way around
this. In your emulator, or if you're lucky enough to still have a real Spectrum
with this program on tape, using a Multiface or similar device, POKE location
23345 with the value 31 (or 5B31 hex with 1F hex). This will put the silver
bars in their usual location.
The dwarves are still present in this version. As usual, the first one will
throw an axe at you, which you must pick up. Any subsequent dwarves will throw
knives. Throw the axe at them to kill them; don't forget to pick it back up.
Since their appearance is random, the walkthrough doesn't mention any of this;
just remember that whenever a dwarf appears, you must either take its axe or
throw it. Luckily, in this version the dwarves only roam a small part of the
cave; this walkthrough takes this into account.

Go east, take the lamp and light it. Enter the magic word "xyzzy". Go east,
take the cage, west, take the rod, west. Now drop the rod, then first take the
bird and then take back the rod. Go west and down twice. Drop the bird, then
the cage.
Go sw and west. Kill the dragon; answer "yes". Take the rug. Go east twice and
south, and take the jewels. Go north, east and west, wave the rod and drop it,
go west and take the diamonds. East twice, south, take the gold.
Go north thrice. If you have hacked your game, you will find the silver bars
here. Take them. Go north once again, enter "plugh", and drop the rug, jewels,
diamonds, gold, and if you have them, the silver bars. Also drop the axe if you
have it; we won't encounter any more dwarves.

Take the food and the bottle. Plugh. Go south, down, west six times, and down
the pit. Water the plant. Go up, east twice, ne, east four times and down; take
some water; go back up, west seven times, and down; and water the plant again.
Go up, east and down, take some oil, and go up, west and down.
Now climb the beanstalk. Go west and north, oil the door, and drop the bottle.
North, take the trident, south twice, take the eggs, east and down back to the
pit. Go up, east twice, north (leave the vase here for now!) and ne, and north
That troll wants some treasure, and we don't want to give it any. But don't
worry, we have a trick. Throw it the eggs - we can get those back. Then go
north, east twice, se and south. Feed the bear, then take both the chain and
the bear.
Go north twice, ne and east. Take the spices. Go west, sw, and west twice. Go
south - that troll again! This time, we don't want to give him anything. Drop
the bear. Go south thrice, sw (ignore the vase again), north and west.

Drop everything you're carrying: the trident, spices, chain, and even your
lamp. Then go east, take the emerald, and go back west. Take back everything
you dropped here. Go ne and south, and _now_ take the vase. Go south and east,
and take the pillow.
Next go west, ne, east and north. Open the clam, and take the pearl. Go back to
the Well House: south, east twice, up, north, plugh. There, _first_ drop the
pillow, and only then the vase; then all other treasures: the trident, chain,
spices, emerald, and pearl.
And now our final trick: getting back those eggs. Plugh, and go south, down,
west six times, down, climb plant, and west. Enter what it says on the wall:
"Fee fie foe foo". (Actually, because of the way this puzzle is coded, in this
version "fee fee" will do just as well.)
Take the eggs, and go back home: east, down, up, east twice, ne, east thrice,
up, north, plugh. Drop the eggs.

Congratulations, you've solved it! If you hacked your game, you have now won,
and are treated to a bit of Cliff. On the other hand, if you used the game as
it was published, you now have 92%, which is the maximum available in that
version, and may consider yourself a winner anyway.
                                                    -- Richard Bos, August 2014