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P.H.A.R.T. (Phart.rtf)


written by David Court and published by Creative Juices Software for the ZX Spectrum


The player controls two droids, one of which can pick up and manipulate items while the other has
attack functions. Switching between the two involves one droid being present in a transform cubicle
and use of the appropriate command 'switch'. Another useful command is
'teleport' which takes a droid directly to the cubicle. The adventure was apparently
inspired by the 'Head over Heels' arcade adventure.

This is a PAW-ed game and commands are in the straightforward verb-noun format. Unfortunately, the
version of the game available from WoS has a major bug and is unwinnable without judicious use of
Unpaws. Also, there is no abbreviation for 'examine', though 'look' is a
slightly shorter 


North, get oojamaflip, examine oojamaflip, south, drop oojamaflip, north x 2 (note that it is
impossible to enter the cubicle carrying any objects), switch, fire at oojamaflip (blasting a hole
through the south wall), teleport, switch.

South x 2, get switch, get sheet, read sheet ('all Greek to me'), south, get bucket, get
rock, read sign, east, throw rock at box, note one ('note 1' has not been implemented),
east (as And-E you will not be able to cross the chasm), west, get book, translate sheet (note
'hidden somewhere'), drop all ('all' has not been implemented, so...), drop
bucket, drop sheet, drop book, drop cell, teleport.

Switch, south x 3, east x 5, examine screen, say help (nothing happens), shout help, shout colony,
shout external, shout scan, shout sprinkler, teleport.

Switch, south x 3, east, get cell, get bucket, south x 2, west, south, east, fill bucket, south,
insert cell, north, west, north, east, north x 3.

Save the game at this point.

Read sign ('wet paint' which should be taken literally), throw water, hidden somewhere
(Stidge destroys you and you're back as Maniak).

South x 3, east, south x 2, west, south, east, south, push knob, east, examine puzzle, read writing
(too small). Now here's the bug. There is supposed to be a magnifying glass somewhere, but the
programmer has forgotten to implement its presence. Unpaws reveals that, if the glass were here then
the following message would appear when reading the writing 'Using the magnifying glass, you
examine the writing which reads FROM GREEN FIELDS TO DIRT.'

So, it's a word change puzzle and the commands are as follows - type park, type perk, type
perm, type germ. This removes a future danger.

East, south, east x 2, fire at door, north, fire at Reliant.

'You fire the laser at the pirate spacecraft which bursts into flames. As it burns, the
hostages all escape. Pirates run to attack you, but you gun them down. You mission is completed. The
hostages are free. P.H.A.R.T. are victorious again! You have scored 0%).'

An alternative path involves ignoring the whole bucket of water/password/death scenario and sending
Maniak straightaway to the transporter, heading west to kill Stidge and then returning to the puzzle
part of the game. If you want to see what happens, restore to the point indicated above.

A Wibble and Blim production for The Classic Adventure Solution Archive.

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