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Faust's Folly (Fausts_Folly.txt)

Solution to P. Canter's Faust's Folly

This is a Basic adventure for the 16K ZX Spectrum. Therefore, don't expect a
great deal of finesse, long descriptions, intricate puzzles, or anything much
for that matter. One bit of glitter you do get is the use of UDGs - well, they
don't cost any extra memory, do they? A good feature to make use of in 16K. All
commands, by the way, must be entered in all lower case rather than the usual
all caps.

You start in a dense forest. Look. You will be told you're Warm, Lukewarm, Cool
or cold. Go east until your temperature goes down, then go back west a couple
of times. Now go north until your temperature drops again, then back south a
few times. Keep going in the directions in which you get warmer, alternating
e/w and n/s, and changing tack when it gets colder again, until you get told
"Clearing <direction>". Then go in that direction.
Turn the wheel and go down. Take the lamp and compass, go down, and light the
lamp. Go down again, then east. Take the flute. From here on, you may come
across a number of monsters: a sad warrior, a bony wretch, a bat, a dwarf, or
a fire demon. If you encounter one of these, play the flute. With luck, this
will get rid of it. If not, try again. This won't work for the wretch, who will
steal the flute if it fails; in that case, start over. (If the flute works, it
works as well for the wretch as for the others.)
Now go north, down, se and ne. You are now in the library, where silence is
indicated. Therefore, whisper. Then go down. (If you encounter a monster in the
library, whisper, play flute, whisper, down.) Go ne and take the ring. From now
on, when you encounter a monster, don't play the flute, but rub the ring. It
has the same effect, but cannot fail.
Go west twice, down, nw and west. Take the ham. Go south twice and take the
axe. Go north and drop the ham and the axe; only then take the coins and gold.
Go ne, se and up, take the sword. Go se and up, whisper, sw, nw, up, sw, up,
and up again to the passage.
Drop the flute, coins, gold and sword. Go back down twice, ne, down, se, ne,
whisper, down, ne. Take the jewellery and necklace. Go sw, up, whisper, sw,
nw and north. Take the painting. Go south, up, sw, up, up. Drop the lamp and
compass. Take the coins, sword, gold and flute. Go up. Score.

I can't find a victory routine anywhere in the game, but you have gathered all
treasures and escaped back to the surface, which was stated to be your goal,
and you have scored all points and are a champ - so in my opinion, you've won!
                                                 -- Richard Bos, September 2014