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Conman the Barbaric (Conman_the_Barbaric.txt)

                               Walkthrough for

                       The Conman the Barbaric trilogy

                              by Jason Nicholls

                           Written by Richard Bos

These are a PAWed games for the ZX Spectrum. Words are, therefore, significant
to five letters rather than the more usual Quill's four. This is a trilogy of
parodic games. It really is a trilogy, not a large game in three parts - the
parts do share a couple of characters and one object (which is only ever used
in the last one), but they have three separate plots, with each parodying
different sections of the fantasy adventure genre. All three are pretty short.
You start as a blacksmith fed up with his life, setting out to be a barbarian
adventurer, progress to being a thief and hero, and end up a pirate.

             *** Conman the Barbaric part 1 - Realm of Death ***

First, we'll plunder our own home. Drop everything you're carrying now, then go
north twice and west, examine the floor, open the trapdoor and go down. Examine
the webs, then take everything. Go back up, then lift and take the sink. East
and north, examine the furnace, take the scrap. South, east and up, examine the
carpet and take the statue. Go east, examine the toilet (nice!) and take the
pass. Go out.
Go west. Sell the chain mail, record, sink, scrap and statue, for a scanty
price. Then go east twice and north, and sell the house - we won't be coming
back anyway. South and west. Retrieve your Dayrover, then wait a few turns
until someone gives you a coin. Go south and buy a sword. North and east twice,
and enter the wagon.

Go north and take the hammer, then go south twice, take the cake, and go south
three more times. Examine the door, then the keyhole. Eat the cake. Go north,
east, north, east and north. Examine the ground; take the bagpipe. Go south,
east twice, and south twice. Give the bagpipe to the gnome; take the skull in
return. Break this, then break the flute.
Now go back north twice, west thrice, south and west, then south for another
visit. Then go north, east, north, east twice and north. Take the pendant. Go
south, west twice, south, west, north and west. Say "6969". Go east twice and
examine the window, then go west, then south four times.
Unlock the door and enter. Give the card to the skeleton. Go up, cut the
chains, and wait for the princess to make herself scarce. Then go back down,
examine the wall, and enter the doorway. Go north, up, and north twice, then
south twice, east, north, and all the way east until you reach the end of this

             *** Conman the Barbaric part 2 - City of Thieves ***

Examine the trees. Go up. Wait until the guard appears and walks under the
tree, then jump. Take the money - that pixie again! Go south and down, examine
the bushes, and retrieve "your" bag. Go up, then south thrice. Throw the bag at
the beggars. Wait a few turns for the Guards to turn up.
Go west thrice, north and west. Sit. Examine the stool and take the scissors.
Leave, then go east and south. Follow that man. Enter the gate and go east.
Take the bucket. Go up, push the ceiling, and go up again. Jump onto the house.
Fill the bucket. Go north and enter the chimney. Pour the water, go down and

We have a very limited number of turns before the alarm goes off, so don't
wander now and don't make a typo. Examine the posts. Go west twice and down.
Cut the wire. Go east and south, crawl, north and east. Put the crown in the
bin. Go back west twice, up, east twice, enter, up and leave. Right, that's the
alarm evaded.
Go south and jump onto the barn. Go down twice and west, enter the gate, south.
Take the crown from the bin. Go north, then west three times. Wait another
turn, then take the kosh (note spelling!). East twice, then south thrice. Give
the kosh to the shopkeeper.
Go north twice and buy a fortune. Go west and south, unlock the door, and
enter. Go up. Roll the barrel. Go back down, then west. Go to the alehouse, as
indicated: north thrice, west twice, and north.

             *** Conman the Barbaric part 3 - Seas of Blood ***

Take the helmet - this is the part where we'll finally need it. Swim, then
enter the ship. Wait until the pixie turns up again. Take the key, unlock the
door and go west twice. Examine the boxes, then take all. Go east and up. Throw
the spear. Go east, saw the plank and take it. Say to Redbeard "sail", then say
to Redbeard "disembark".
Go west. Examine the hat and take all. Go east and north, drop the plank, north
twice and west. Give the fish to Maril, then the hat as well. East and north.
Examine the pole; you'll be given a necklace. Go west twice, take the gin, and
go back east twice and south four times. Examine the pebbles and take the
sponge. Enter the boat. Say to Redbeard "sail" and say to Redbeard "disembark".

Examine the sign, take the map, go north, and give the map to the reporter. Go
east. Take a bar. You're warned. Take a bar, for real this time. Go west thrice
and buy a spade. Go east and enter the headquarters. Take and wear the glasses,
then leave and go east, north twice, u, north, east and up.
Dig. Throw the sponge and give the gin to Bilboard. Wear the ring. Go up and
down, then west, where some Riders appear. Shout. Then go back to the beach:
south, down, and south thrice. Give the necklace to the pixie.
Enter the boat. Say to Redbeard "sail" and say to Redbeard "disembark".
back on the other island. Go north four times and east. Give the helmet to the
Dungeon Master, then remove the ring and give it to him as well.