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Village, The (Village.txt)

                               Walkthrough for

                                 The Village

                            by Spectrum Computing

                           Written by Richard Bos

  First, a few notes.

  To start with, The Village is a Quilled game for the ZX Spectrum, in two
parts. It was published on two subsequent issues of the tape magazine Spectrum
Computing. It's set in the world of The Prisoner, and you play, no, not Number
Six, but Number 36. Ostensibly your task is to escape, but as in the series
there may be more to it than that.
  Obviously, since this is a walkthrough, spoilers are rife below. There is a
help command, which often gives useful clues; how transparent these are depends
on the level of play you've chosen, but even at level 2 they're cryptic, but
worth trying before you read this text. Also be sure to read the introduction
  Unfortunately the game, as published on Spectrum Computing, was rather buggy.
Some bugs are merely awkward, but in the first part, two connections were left
out which caused the game to be unwinnable. Where you found this walkthrough,
you should also be able to find a TZX file with a fixed version of the game.
This was ripped from the magazine TZXes, intro program and all, and the file
for part 1 decompiled, corrected in the Quill, and resaved. Only the game-
breaking missing connections have been added, and part 2, which wasn't bugged
beyond solvability, hasn't been changed at all. This walkthough is, obviously,
for this corrected version of the game.

  Part 1:

  Open the cupboard, take the tumbler, turn the tap on, fill the tumbler and
turn the tap back off. Go north and pour the water over the lock. Go north,
west twice, north twice and east. Take the book. West, south (this connection
doesn't work in the published version of the game), sw and west twice. Take the
bottle, go east twice, and pour the bottle, then drop it.
  Take the shoes and wear them. Go ne, south, and up, untie the rope, and go
back down. Remove and drop the shoes. North, sw, west three times. Drop the
book and stand on it; you will take the string. Go west and ne, tie the magnet
to the string, and take it. (Yes, in that order.) Go sw, nw, down and se. Use
(fie!) the magnet. Take the key and drop the magnet.
  Go back nw and up, then west and sw. Take the candle. Go west, pull the rope,
west again, open the door, south. Take the spanner. Light the match and use it.
(You can't take the unlit match, and you don't have to take the lit one.
Another bug, but this time a non-fatal one.) Go ne. This is a one-way
connection, too, but the text makes it clear that this one is by design.

  Go east and north, use the flag and drop it, then go north. Dig, and take the
shears. Go south twice, then west twice into the maze. There, go north, west,
south, west, south twice, west four times, and leave by going sw thrice; then
go west and nw.
  Use the key and drop it. Go west, sw and east. Use the spanner and drop it;
take the diamond. Go west, take the gloves and wear them, then go ne, east, se,
east and ne three times into the maze. Go east four times, north, west thrice,
south, ne, nw, sw, west, north five times, nw and up.
  Use the shears, go nw, use the diamond, go north. Lift the cover, tie the
rope and go down. Open the doors and go south. You're out - or half out. You
ought now to have scored 50% (and if you start part 2 you'll find out that you
do in fact start that part at that score), but I don't know whether this is
another bug or this one's my fault and I missed three points. In any case,
remember those passnames.

  Part 2:

  Give the required passnames - you _did_ remember them from part 1, didn't
you? No? Oh, all right, then. Enter Pink Floyd, followed by Jethro Tull.
  Take the key, go east, south and down, take the screwdriver, down (!), take
the knife, north, take the dart, north. Use and drop the key and take and wear
the gas mask. Go se, use and drop the screwdriver and take the mirror. Go west
and se, throw the dart and drop it, then go ne and north.
  Use and drop the mirror, then go nw. Take the welder, go north twice, take
the crowbar, go north and west, take the petrol, east twice, take battery, west
and north. Use and drop the knife, then go down.

  Take the lighter. Go se twice, turn the handle and take the coin. Go nw twice
and sw, take the jetpack and go south. Use and drop the crowbar. Take the suit
and helmet, and wear them both; then go se. Go west, wear the jetpack and use
it. Type Disable on the keyboard. Extinguish the jetpack, remove and drop it,
and go east.
  Use and drop the lighter, then take and use the welder. Go south. Insert the
coin, then insert the ticket. Go south and down, then sw. Pour the petrol and
use the welder again - as far as I can tell, the first and only time any object
in these games has more than one use - then go se.
  Open the bonnet, connect the battery, close the bonnet, push the starter
button, and then go east twice, sw and west twice. Open the box, talk to the
box, and go se. Push the button, then push 3, push point, push 1 and push 4.
And yes, the score is off again. This time it's definitely a bug.