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I.T. - The Adventure of the Century (I.T.-Adventure_of_the_Century.txt)

I.T.-Adventure of the Century
Walkthrough by Alex Dijkstra for the c64

S, S, TAKE (watersack), N, N, W, W, DROP, WATERSACK, NO, TAKE (lantern), E, LANTERN (you light the
lantern), DOWN,  W, N, TAKE (cookbook), READ (cookbook. you read a recepi for cookies), S, S, TAKE
(sword), UP, W, W, TAKE (wheatpile), W, KILL (with sword. repeat until you have killed the
hellhound.  if needed you can use the bandage to recover your strength), TAKE (dead hound), S, DROP,
DEAD, YES, DROP, WHEATPILE, NO (you make a cookie on the  barbeque), TAKE (cookie), E, E, E, N,
DOWN, E, E, E, DROP, COOKIE, NO (the monster falls asleep), DOWN, N, N, E, E, S, W, S (the letters
from the caves form the text "open it" which opens the secret door. If you made an error
you can try again by entering the resetcave), E, E, N, G, R.