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Sorcerers of Ravenswood (Sorcerers_of_Ravenswood.txt)

´╗┐Sorcerers of Ravenswood
Walkthrough by C64.COM
System: Commodore 64
Version: 1.0

(You start on a hill above Ravenswood) n, w, n, n, n, n, e (in Raven marsh), 
get bottle, read bottle, e, n, n, e, n (at the foot of castle hill), e, e, e 
(edge of the forest), look stump (find a snake protecting a coin), shake 
bottle (snake disappears), get coin, drop bottle, s, tap stone (to 3 times 
get reward of a coin), drop coin, n, look stump, get coin, e, give coin, go 
boat (far side of river), move bush (find a snail shell), get snail, look 
bush (find a leaf), get leaf, e (ruined church), move box (find a hammer), 
get hammer, look altar (find a brass key), get key, w, w (banks of river), w 
(edge of the forest), look stump, get coin, w, w, w (at the foot of castle 
hill), drop shell, drop leaf, drop hammer, drop key, s, e, e, e, s, s, s, w 
(by a hut), give coin, go hut (inside hut), move chair (find newt eye), get 
eye, look fireplace (find a lizard tail), get tail, move rug (find a rag), 
get rag, look shelf (find a flask), get flask, s, e, n, n, n, w, w, w, n (at 
the foot of castle hill), drop eye, drop tail, e, e, e, e (banks of river), 
wet rag, w, w, w, kiss frog (a wizard appears), look wizard (he offers you a 
magic wand), get wand, w, wave wand (rock rolls aside, revealing a tunnel), 
get key, n, open door (with brass key), pull knob (the door is open), drop 
key, go door (in the castle), look king, s, s, e, e, e, get coin, e, give 
coin (banks of river), w, w, get sword, e, e, go boat, w, w, w, n (dragon's 
lair), say piff, kill dragon, sword (with the sword), s, w, w, n, get key, go 
door, go door (castle armoury), drop sword, open box, look box, get glove, 
wear glove, move armour, get paper, read paper, drop paper, drop wand, s, s, 
move rock, get wing, s, get hammer, go tunnel (in a tunnel), break wall, 
unwear glove, drop glove, s, get eye, go tunnel, go hole (cave of the 
sorcerers), drop eye, s, s, get leaf, go tunnel (in a tunnel), go hole (cave 
of the sorcerers), open flask, move rug, open trapdoor, drop rag, get eye, go 
trapdoor (dark cave), look table (find the book), drop hammer, get book, read 
book, drop eye, drop leaf, drop wing, drink potion, say gone (END).