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Jaws: The Text Adventure (Jaws.txt)


You take on the role of the shark from the iconic 1975 film. Your task is simple. Eat as much as
Note that this is largely an "on rails" experience, so you only have limited options for

You start the game swimming around in the sea:
E, E, EAT WOMAN (12% full), S, S, EAT DOG (20%), EAT BOY (30% - note that if you eat the boy first
the dog 
will escape), S, E, EAT MEAT (36% - you can't catch the two men), S, EAT VESSEL (37%), N.

E, E, N, EAT YACHTS (some people fall into the water and you can choose between the chief's son
and a 
man. Should you choose the former, the chief will blow you up later in the game), EAT MAN, EAT LEG 

S, W, S, S, EAT BAIT (54% - you're hit by a harpoon), W (you've found the boat again), EAT
OFFAL (55%), N, 
EAT CAGE (the diver escapes), D, EAT SEAWEED (it was hiding the diver), EAT DIVER (69%), U, U
jumped onto the boat).

EAT HUNTER (85%), EAT CHIEF (he manages to shove a gas bottle down your throat), DROP BOTTLE (you 
spit it out again), EAT CHIEF (you manage to eat him and now have the rating of 100% - perfect

NOTE: Ignore the cable and the barrel of plutonium, as they'll only cause you trouble.

Jacob Gunness, June 2016.