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Even Bantams Get the Blues (Even_Bantams_Get_the_Blues.txt)

Even Bantams Get the Blues
By Eric Mayer
For Alan 2.8 interpreters

Solution by Garry Francis
This is a minimal solution. You must cross the road 21 times to complete the game. When it starts,
you have already crossed 16 times, so you really only have to cross 5 times. However, if you type
HELP, you can then type PECK to reduce the number of crossings to 2 (as in the solution below). You
can also type PECK PECK for 5 crossings, PECK PECK PECK for 10 crossings or PECK PECK PECK PECK for
21 crossings. As the solution to each crossing is the same, I can't see the point of crossing
any more times than is absolutely necessary.

Incidentally, make sure your interpreter is using a monospaced font so that you can clearly see your
position relative to the vehicles on the road. This is the starting position:
    ... === === ... ... === ===
    ... +++ ... +++ ... +++ ...
    ... ... === ... === ... ===
    ... +++ ... ... ... +++ ...

You are represented by '^', vehicles are represented by '+++' or
'==='. The top two lanes travel from left to right. The bottom two lanes travel from right
to left. Vehicles wrap around when they reach the end of the road. You can only wait or move north,
so timing is critical.

You can type CLUCK to toggle between arcade mode and literary mode. The game is essentially the
same, except that you get to see Courtney at the end of the game when in literary mode - and then
get rejected by her! The author states that there are a few different endings and a few different
ways to reach the endings. He also states that you can win while falling short of your destination.
I did not discover these, nor did I feel inclined to look for them.

Z (this is the real start)
N (you have crossed 20 times)
N (you have crossed 21 times)
***THE END***