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Out of the Study (Out_of_the_Study.txt)

Out of the Study version 1.3
By Anssi Räisänen
For Alan 2.8 interpreters

Solution by Garry Francis
You are locked in the study and need to get out before Professor Fenshire returns from his walk.
Don't panic. It doesn't seem to be timed, so you can spend as much time as you like.
Optionally, you should find the papers that you were originally sent to steal, but there
doesn't seem to be any bonus for doing so.

In order to achieve your tasks, you must EXAMINE or READ absolutely everything you find, i.e. every
noun in every response, no matter how insignificant it seems. There are masses of red herrings, but
you won't know which ones they are until you've finished. This solution gives the most
relevant commands that lead to the hints that lead to the code that leads to your escape. Once you
know the solution, you can escape in three or four moves, depending on which ending you choose.

N (door won't open)
UNLOCK DOOR (no lock)
X DOOR (small LCD screen, numberpad)
X SCREEN (five digits, so we need to type 5-digit code to unlock door)
X NUMBERPAD (keys numbered 0 to 9 & instructions on how to enter them)

Let's start with the desk:
X DESK (includes three drawers, calendar, pen holder, family photo)

Let's look on the desk first:
X CALENDAR (hint: "Applied the buggy code to the lock", could be related to bugs, i.e.

X FAMILY (hint: 5 children, could be related to 5 digits, perhaps their ages?)
X CHILDREN (from left to right: twin boys of school age, baby, eldest boy, girl younger than twins;
take note of this for later)
LOOK BEHIND PHOTO (hint: "The twins are always inseparable")

X HOLDER (ladybug with black spots)
X SPOTS (hint: nine of them)

Now the drawers:
X DRAWERS (three of them)
OPEN TOP DRAWER (using hidden picklock from inside your coat)
LOOK UNDER PAPERS (binoculars could come in handy for something in the distance)
X BINOCULARS (instructions for how to use them)
OPEN MIDDLE DRAWER (includes photo album)
X ALBUM (last photo missing, hint: 'gloria fenshirensis' characterised by figure in its

Let's find a use for those binoculars:
X WINDOW (rainy landscape, fly)
X LANDSCAPE (hills surrounding town)
X HILLS (four hills)
X THIRD HILL (wind turbines)
X TURBINES (company logo)
X LOGO (can't see it clearly from this distance)
X LOGO THROUGH BINOCULARS (hint: five butterflies)

X FLY (it flies in a pattern)
X PATTERN (hint: number eight, however, if you play long enough, program tells you that fly has
nothing to do with code, so ignore this one)

Now the bookcase:
X BOOKCASE (lots of books)
X BOOKS (picture book protrudes from the rest)
X BOOKS (quiz book left in gap, so you take it)
X QUIZ BOOK (hint: "How many legs does an ant have?", if you don't know, Google it)

And the coconut palm:
X PALM (leaves are big and thick, could be obscuring something)
X LEAVES (one leaf close to trunk)
X TRUNK (small crack)
X CRACK (small note)
GET NOTE (can't examine it otherwise)
X IT (hint: "How many insects can you hear?")

LOOK BEHIND PALM (painting on wall)
GET PAINTING (hook, small safe)
PULL HOOK (jungle sounds start from hidden loudspeaker)
Z (grasshoppers, frogs, bee, monkeys)
Z (mosquito, bigger insect, birds)
Z (small mammal, flies, dragonfly, elephant)
Z (sounds repeat from now on, hint: you heard six insects)

X SAFE (instructions on how to open it)
OPEN IT (using hidden safe-cracking device from inside your coat, briefcase inside)
X IT (looks important)
OPEN IT (typed documents)
X DOCUMENTS (yep, this is what you're meant to steal)
LOOK IN SAFE (partly torn photograph)
X TORN PHOTO (beetle with figure in its stomach, sound familiar?)
X BEETLE (hint: looks like zero)

We're starting to get a bit desperate now, so start looking for things that (unfairly)
aren't mentioned anywhere:
X CEILING (chandelier)
X CHANDELIER (one lightbulb is missing from socket)
X SOCKET (find a piece of parchment)
X PARCHMENT (hint: "An odd number comes last")

X CHAIR (where the hell did that come from?)
LOOK UNDER CHAIR (hint: "The smallest one is in the middle")

So, we now have:
0 in beetle's stomach
5 butterflies in logo
6 ant legs
6 insect noises
9 ladybug spots

We just have to figure out the order. There are 120 possible permutations. The 6s are repeated, so
this drops the number. Experimenting tells us that there's a bug in the program whereby it
converts the code to a number (rather than treating it as a string), so the 0 can't be entered
first. Even so, there's still too many permutations to try by brute force, so let's apply
what we know.

"The smallest one is in the middle". That gives us:

"An odd number comes last." There are two odd numbers, so that gives us:
--0-5 or --0-9

"The twins are always inseparable". There are two 6s, so they're the twins, and
there's only one way they can fit, so that gives us:
660-5 or 660-9

There's only one number left, so that gives us:
66095 or 66059

You could try them both, but the references to "smallest one" and "twins" must
refer to the children in the family photo. In this case, the "odd" one could be the girl,
as the others are all boys (or uncertain in the case of the baby). That fits, because we know
she's younger than the twins and the oldest boy is to her left, so we now have:

Let's try it:
TYPE 66095 (bingo, door opens!)

There are four possible endings, so let's try them all:
N (*** You have won ***)

restart (this must be lower case - don't ask me why)
TYPE 66095
KICK PROFESSOR (*** You have won ***)

TYPE 66095
N (*** You have escaped the spider ***)

TYPE 66095
N (*** Justice has won ***)
***THE END***