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Polearn (Polearn_hints.txt)

Shoel Soft
Spectrum 128

This is one of the longest, but best games I have played. It is well 
researched, well written, tightly constructed, all in all, a wonderful 
game to enjoy but a difficult game to play. Not only do you need to 
know what to do, you need to know when to do it. In certain locations 
it requires a precise sequence of steps within a limited time window in 
order to gain access to another location. Extraneous movements can be 
your downfall. There are also randomly occuring event. Be prepared – 
you may spend days upon days to get the correct sequence and not waste 
any moves. You can ask Harris for information about the inhabitants of 
the village.  It is very, very difficult to finish this game. But enjoy 
it all the time.

In essence, you have two major issues to solve. First, the more 
personal history of the old man and his daughter. Second, the larger 
issue of the smuggling. You need to examine and visit many locations to 
determine how to solve the second problem. My commendations to the 
author of this game.

Adverbs  and prepositions such as "carefully", "under", "in" ,
are needed.

You need to eat breakfast and dinner regularly. Also, sleep in the 

Red herrings: the rubber, the pitchfork, the cane, the coffee, the tea.

Don't waste your light source – EXXTINGUISH LAMP when you can.

You can't carry the wooden ladder and the flexilock simultaneously.

Talk/give/show to people in " .. " (quotation marks). SAY TO <person> " 
<something> ".

The suggested order to do things:

Examine the sign.
Follow the woman so you know where she lives.
Check out the fisherman's shack.
Give letter to Harris.
Check out the pulpit.
Check out the bicycle.
Check out the cabinet – empty it. Make sure Mrs. Harris sees it. She 
can get you the means to open it.
Check out the lounge. 
Eat supper.
Visit the inn in the evening – SIT WITH MAN. Ask him about people.
Check out the shrub.
Crawl under the fence – there are four things you need in this area, 
but you will have to make more than one visit.
Wait under the elm until you hear muffled voices. 
You need to learn something about the car, i.e. its registration. 
Don't carry heavy objects when you are swimming.
Unlock the heavy door.
Once you locate the bureau, and do what needs to be done, what object 
do you have that would help you proceed further?
Eat breakfast. 
Follow up on the old man's invitation, making sure you have something 
to give him.
How can you get up the outbuilding? 
A combustible material needs to be damp, not soggy.
You need to distract the fisherman somehow, so you can get the rope – 
remember what the old man told you.
Something very strong can pull the grille out. First you need to 
distract something that wants to rip you apart.
You need to find three things in the dark house, two on one visit, the 
third on the second visit.
There is an exit you need to create in the lounge.
Deal with the gap – the ladder won't help here.
You can't get the ladder past the bend – have you read a description 
where you can hear water below? You'll need another object to help you 
get the ladder to where you need it.
Explore the mine. Use what you find to help you with an object you had 
see before.
Eat supper.
Check out the walls in the engine room
Visit the old man before 10:00. You will need to give him two objects.
Wait at the rocky shore until the appointed time.
When you see a ladder drop down, make sure you are not seen.
You can surmise how those figures got to the rocky shore. Make sure 
that no one can enter or leave that way again.
When you see new arrivals "bend down" check it out.
When you hear "metal scraping" eliminate another possible exit.
Visit the bicycle owner with your evidence.

If these hints do not help enough (and they may not), the solution can 
be found elsewhere.

Terri Sheehan

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