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Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader (Dash_Slapney_Patrol_Leader.txt)

Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader
By Andrew Schultz, writing as 'Andrew'
For Z-code interpreters

Solution by Garry Francis
There are 7 items in your bedroom. Each item can be used to get you maximum points in one of the
events at the Klondike Derby. However, you can only take 4 items, then you're automatically
teleported to the registration area. The secret is to work out which items are used in which events.
You can't use the items yourself. You have 4 scouts in your patrol. Each scout has certain
skills. You must work out which scout has the skills to use each of the 4 items that you take. You
then give the relevant item to the relevant scout. In some cases, you must give the item to the
scout before the event or it gets confiscated by the supervising scoutmaster. In one case, you must
give the item to the scout during the event because he won't accept it beforehand. In the
remaining cases, you can give the item to the scout before or during the event. It's up to you
to work out which is which.

Each scout will only accept 2 of the 7 items that you start with in the bedroom. Fatty will return
one of his items so that it can be regiven to one of the others (as in the solution below). Each
scout will only carry 1 item at a time, so you can't give 2 items to one scout. In this way,
each scout has a turn at solving one of the events. Got all that?

To summarise, you must take 4 items and give each item to a different scout at the appropriate time.
That scout will then solve the relevant event to get you 50 points. For the other events, you will
bumble your way through to get 10 points. If you do everything correctly, you will get a maximum of
230 points and this is enough to beat the other patrols.

The events themselves are presented in a random order, but if you prepare yourself beforehand, you
only need to keep pressing 'Z' once the events start and the order of the events
doesn't matter. (Remember the scout motto!)

This is a minimal solution. Other solutions are possible. You'll need to experiment a lot and
EXAMINE lots of things for this solution to make sense. Scores are not shown, as they vary depending
on the order of the events.

GET WHEELS (teleported to registration)
GIVE CAN TO FATTY (he drinks the contents and returns it to you)
GIVE CAN TO TIMMY (he sees that he can use it to light a fire)
GIVE WRAPPERS TO FATTY (he hides them so they don't get confiscated)
GIVE STRING TO MIKEY (he works out how to tie the knots)
GIVE WHEELS TO TED (he sees that they will be perfect for the sled)
REGISTER (teleported to 1st event)
***THE END***