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LOMM - The Land of Magic Monarchy (Land_of_Magic_Monarchy.txt)

The land of Magic Monarchy
Walkthrough by Alex Dijkstra for the c64

DREHE RING, DREHE RING (after two turns a secret passage opens), UNTERSUCHE GEROELL (you find a note
and a pyramid), NIMM ZETTEL (you learn you can use the magic word eflih when you have the pyramid to
be transported), NIMM PYRAMID, EFLIH (you are transported to the wood), KITZEL ERDNUCKEL (you obtain
2000 lifepoints), N, N, ZERSTOERE DICKICHT (you enter a swamp), GEHE SEILBRUECKE, NIMM GOLDKISTE, W,
S, S, O, O, N, GIB GOLDKISTE (you get a ring and 1000 lifepoints), S, O, WARTE (repeat until
it's day), HEBE GRAS (you find a key),  N, OEFFNE TOR (you need the key)

You must guess the right number between 1 and 500 to open the door within 10 turns. This may look
difficult, but it is rather easy. For instance if the right number is 34 your guesses should be as
1 - 250 (middle between 1 and 500)= lower
2 - 125 (middle between 1 and 250)= lower
3 - 63  (middle between 1 and 125)= lower
4 - 32  (middle between 1 and 63)=  higher
5 - 47  (middle between 32 and 63)= lower
6 - 39  (middle between 32 and 47)= lower
7 - 35  (middle between 32 and 39)= lower
8 - 33  (You only have two numbers left, but alas wrong guess)=higher
9 - 34  Correct!!
Using above method you should allways be able to find the correct number within 9 turns.

If you manage to find the right number, you enter the castle, O, UNTERSUCHE TISCH (you find an open
book), LESE BUCH (you learn how to kill the wizard), O, N, WARTE (you obtain the shield without
being killed), W, W, N (with the shield and more then 4600 points you manage to kill the wizard).

-in rooms 6,7,8,18 and 21 (see map) you have a 20% to encounter a wufflon. This wil cost you a
random amount of lifepoints.
-The night and day are each 20 turns.