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Crater Creek, 2113 (Crater_Creek_2113.txt)

Crater Creek, 2113
By Angela Shah
For Z-code interpreters

Solution by Garry Francis
This is a minimal solution to one of the most dismal games I've ever played. Don't waste
your time examining things, ignore all the random background messages and don't forget to press
a key every time you move or say TRICK OR TREAT, even though there's no prompt to do so. The
crowbar, fire axe, nightstick and lead pipe are distributed randomly amongst the characters at the
start. None of them serve any purpose.

TRICK OR TREAT (Aidan appears and curses unlit lantern, he can also appear elsewhere due to a bug)
LIGHT LANTERN (nothing happens, due to a bug)
G (something happens this time, Aidan gives you a bead)
TRICK OR TREAT (Elia appears)
GIVE BEAD TO ELIA (she gives you rainbow corn)
TRICK OR TREAT (Naima appears)
GIVE CORN TO NAIMA (siren sounds, she gives you keys)
UNLOCK DOOR (it worked, ignore the error response)
OPEN DOOR (reveals silver bow and arrows, one object, not two)
GET BOW (the others join you, fully armed for battle, not sure what's going on here)
***THE END***