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Ghosterington Night (Ghosterington_Night.txt)

Ghosterington Night
By Wade Clarke
For Z-code interpreters

Solution by Garry Francis
You need to find 4 poems. These appear in the order that you find them, so they are not always in
the same room. The order is scissors poem, Thomas Hardy poem, molecular biology poem and lobster

You also need to find two pieces of paper labelled paper A and paper B. One of these contains a
colour and one contains an animal. These are generated randomly every time you start the game, so
you can't cheat. You need to give the colour and the animal in response to the voice behind the
painting so that you can get to the secret room.

You will be persued by two monsters - clockwork girl and Terror Statue. These initially appear at
random very early in the game, then may (or may not) persue you. I wasn't able to detect any
predictable pattern in their behaviour, but they do become more persistant as the game progresses.
When a monster appears, you must vacate the room immediately or you will be killed on the next

To dispatch the clockwork girl, go to the plush room and pull the rug from under her feet.
She'll fall over and can't get up again. However, you can't do this if Terror Statue
is in the room at the same time or the statue will kill you. In this case, move away and come back.
Once she's downed, keep away from her axe. And don't waste bullets trying to shoot her.

To dispatch the Terror Statue, you must find your way into the secret room and push the lever.
However, you need to do several things in order to get there and this isn't easy if the Terror
Statue is in the room. In this case, you have three options:

- If you need to do something in the same room, go away and come back later. Repeat as necessary
until the statue is not in the room.

- If you need to examine something in your inventory, keep moving until the statue stops following
you. Later in the game, the statue seems to follow you persistently. In this case, move to a
"safe" room (see below).

- Shoot the statue. This causes it to disappear temporarily, but it will return later. You only have
three bullets, so you can only do this three times, but this should be enough.

Neither of the monsters will follow you into the golden room or the secret room, so you are safe
there. Clockwork girl also won't follow you into the bedroom or contrition corner.

When you move into the golden room, you'll hear a click. Second visit, two clicks. Third visit,
three clicks and you're crushed by the ceiling. So, you can only visit this room twice or avoid
it completely unless you are really desperate.

The following is a minimal solution where luck is going your way. If monsters appear at inopportune
times, follow the guidelines above.

X PLANT (Paper A added to inventory)
X PAPER A (note animal)
X VANITY (1st poem added to inventory)
X BED (Paper B added to inventory)
X PAPER B (note colour)
X DESK (2nd poem added to inventory)
X SHELL (3rd poem added to inventory)
<colour> <animal>
X CHEST (4th poem added to inventory)
***THE END***