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Pharaoh's Curse (Pharaohs_Curse.txt)

Pharaoh's Curse
Walkthrough by Alex Dijkstra for the c64

S, E, OPEN CASKET, GET KEY, W, N, W, MOVE ROCK (a secret passageway), W, S, S, W, N, EXAMINE URN
(you find a parchment), EXAMINE PARCHMENT (hint on how to enter pyramid of amon), S, E, N, N, E, E,
N, E, OPEN CASKET, GET CLOAK, EXAMINE CLOAK (hint on how to use it), W, S, E, EXAMINE DOOR (you find
a keyhole), OPEN DOOR (with key), E, S, DIG SAND (you find a secret entrance), N, N, GET ROD, S, S,
S, E, STRIKE STATUE (with rod), W, GO MIRROR (with cloak), N, W, N, W, S, EXAMINE SIGN.

The treasure is yours