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Queuelty (Queuelty.txt)

By Sarah Morayati
For Z-code interpreters

Solution by Garry Francis
This is a minimal solution. Type ABOUT before you start to find out about two important commands,
then type SPELLS so that you know what spells you have available to you. You can have a lot of fun
casting all the different spells on everyone and everything around you. (Infocom fans will recognise
the spell names.) Type L after casting a spell that works to see if anything has changed.
You'll need to EXAMINE lots of things for this solution to make sense. Optional commands (and
comments) are shown in brackets.

REZROV CROWD (crowd seems less threatening, later GNUSTO spell doesn't work without this)
NITFOL CROWD (everything changes)
(L) (Elise appears)
VAXUM ELISE (Elise becomes friendly)
(TALK TO ELISE) (she tells you about Brody tearing up her book)
KREBF BOOK (you reveal your magic and repair her book)
(TALK TO ELISE) (you tell her about magic, she tells you about Brody)
MELBOR ELISE (she's now primed to kick Brody's ass)
(GNUSTO GUNCHO) (copying is too slow)
EXEX ME (speed yourself up)
GNUSTO GUNCHO (you copy GUNCHO spell to Elise's book and she uses it on Brody)
(L) (Brody left a lamp behind)
FROTZ LAMP (light it)
(GET IT) (can be omitted, due to a bug)
N (and the future of interactive fiction looks rosy)
***THE END***