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View to a Chip, A (View_to_a_Chip.txt)

Written by Matthew Wilson (Futuresoft 1989)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

This game is a follow on from an adventure on Magic Missile (a tape 
magazine) one.  It is just a short adventure which tells the story of Mr. 
Chip from the time of entering the drain until the time he escapes.  The 
game leads into the next MM Chip adventure.

Walk Through:
(Start in a smelly, horrible drain hole), INVENTORY (holding a match and 
a wrapper), EXAMINE MATCH, EXAMINE WRAPPER (a soap wrapper), EXAMINE 
PIPE, EXAMINE MOSS (very slippery), EXAMINE DRAIN (there is a grid at the 
bottom), EXAMINE GRID (there is an elastic band wedged in the grid), 
EXAMINE BAND (not firmly wedged), PULL BAND (leaves are in the way), 
EXAMINE LEAVES (crispy brown), SEARCH LEAVES (you find a small stone with 
a point on it), SCRAPE MOSS (using the stone), LOOK (there is now a small 
patch of drain with no moss on it).

LIGHT MATCH (striking it on the patch of drain with no moss), LIGHT 
WRAPPER (with the match – the pipe monster appears but is afraid of 
fire), LIGHT LEAVES WITH WRAPPER (they burn), LOOK (repeat until you see 
a spider), SPIDER HELLO (friendly enough), WAIT (until the match burns 
out), WAIT (until the spider gets bored and climbs back out of the pipe), 
LOOK (repeat until the pile of burning leaves becomes half a pile of 
burning leaves), PULL BAND (you pull it back as far as you can… your feet 
can only just stop you from being fired forward), HOP (you are catapulted 
forward and out of the drain).

Well done on completing this game
You are now ready for game 3 in this series "Licensed to Chip"

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