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Test of the Turnip (Test_of_the_Turnip.txt)

Another PD game completed by me! This one comes free with the Bazzasoft 
Adventure Programming System (BAPS).

Start off by getting the  tennis rackets and wearing them (like snow shoes), 
then go east and north to the quicksand. Get the soldering iron then go back for 
the drum. Remove and drop the rackets, but never go back onto the quicksand. Get 
the weight then go west for the hacksaw and cut the chain. Drop the hacksaw and 
get the weight then drop it in the sandy pit.

Go north until you reach the toilet.  Read the graffiti for a laugh, then pull 
the chain and take the roll to the sandy pit and drop it. Go to the river's east 
end then go  north  (south  leads  to the quicksand and death) then follow the 
passage to the magic room and go east. Get the book, read it, drop it and then 
go back to the sandy pit, then west to the magic barrier. Say FLUBJY and go 
south then hit the drum, drop it and get the stalactite. Go back to the magic 
room and go south. Follow on to the slimy room, where you drop the stalactite to 
hold up the ceiling. Go south and take the first turning on the west for the 
Radsuit. Wear it and go south from the sandy pit then east and south into the 
reactor room.  Get  the isotope, then go north, east, south and plant the 

Remove your radsuit and drop it, then get the mutant cabbage. Get the soldering 
iron and weight and go south from the mundane T-junction. Mend the wire, drop 
the soldering iron and go west. The small squiggly thing meets its doom, so get 
the bomb and drop the cabbage. Go back to the pit and get the toilet roll, then 
go all the way round to the magic room, then through the slimy room and south to 
the guardian of the shrine. Give him the bomb, to get bits of the guardian. 
Leave these where they are, and go into the shrine. Pray to get the sacred 
toilet roll, then go to the Ninja Radish school of martial arts. Give the sacred 
toilet roll to the Ninja Turnip, and go north to take your place in his school.