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Wizard's Challenge, The (Wizards_Challenge.txt)

General notes: You can carry a maximum of 14 objects
You need to find the 12 treasures: 
Sapphire, Painting, Ruby, Crown, Sceptre, Jewellery, Pearls, Vase, Emerald, Gold Ingot, Necklace,

N, IN , Take Sapphire, Listen (a boy says "No Teachers"), OUT, S, S, E, E, IN, Take Book,
Read Book, OUT,
W, W, N, SW, IN, Take Spade, OUT, NE, W, W, NW, N, Take Lamp, S, SE, S, Take Food, NW, NO TEACHERS,
Kick Fruit,
Take Money
E, SE, N, NW, S, Buy Sweets, N, SE, E, E, S, W, N, SW (Cut Finger), Dig, Drop Spade, NE, S, E, N, W,
W, NE, Search,
Take Keys, W, W, N, N (Healed)
Take Bandages, S, S, Take Painting, E, NE, Give Sweets (to Bully), NE, Take Bottle (Poison), SE, U,
Take (Crash) Helmet,
U, Take Can, D, D, NW, SW, SW, W, N, SW, Take Rubber, Sing
SW, S, SW, Unlock Cabinet, Take Medal, NE, N, E, E, S, W, N, SW, ON, D
E, N, NE, Take Ticket, SW, S, W, S, S, D, IN, U, N, N, W, Take Grenade, E, S, SE, SE, U, S, SW, E,
S, S, NW,
Clean Medal ("flame" revealed), SE, N, Drop Keys (as at max 14 objects), Take Coat, N, W,
W, S, Give Can (to Yobo),
W, IN, Shoot Cannon (protected by Crash Helmet, fired to Woods near start of game)
N, SW, D, E, SW, SW, Drop Grenade, NE, Explode Grenade, SW, S, Take Ruby, S (protected by Coat), SW,
Take Crown,
NE, SE, S, FLAME, U, SW, W, Drop Coat, Take Sceptre, SW, U, Help Soldier, E, Take Dagger, W, D, NE,
W, U, W, Drop Helmet, Take Pearls, W, D, SW, Drop Ticket, Take Jewellery, S, Cut Rope with Dagger,
S, SW, W,
Drop Dagger, Take Vase, E, NE, E, NE, CHAIR, SE, SW, Drop Medal, Take Emerald
Help, SE, IN, S, Drop Sapphire, Drop Sceptre, Drop Emerald, SE, Hold Breath, IN, Give Food, Breath,
Poison Food, E,
Take Cube, W, S, Take Gold, N, N
Off, On, Drop Bottle, Take Sceptre, Take Sapphire, Rubik, Drop Book, Take Emerald
Search, W, D, Push 4, Push 4, Push 5 (any numbers from 1 to 8 which multiply to 80), Give Food
(poisons guard),
Search Guard, Push Switch, SE, Throw Rubber, Take Trophy, Mummy
SW, Drop Food, Take Necklace, Insert Cube, Wizard, Drop Everything