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Cursed be the City (Cursed_Be_The_City.txt)

Cursed Be The City

You Start In A Cell, Awaiting Execution: 

Scream (A stranger appears, kills the torturer; then sets you free), Examine 
Torturer, Get Dagger, Get Bottle, Get Chalice, U, N, Get Lamp, S,, E, Climb 
Tree, N, D, W, W, N, Give Wine To Priest (He tells you your task), Climb Alter, 
D, W, Wait, Wait (Until the footsteps go away), E, E, Get Cube, D, S, ( Search 
Luggage, Look, Get Ball, Get Tea Bags, Drop Bag, Look In Bag, Get Paper From 
Bag, Get Bag, Examine Wreckage, N, Look, Hitch A Lift, Accept, Inventory, Toss 
Coin, Choose A Player - When Botham Is Picked, The Game Continues, - N, East 
Wander In The Jungle Until The Apeman Arrives. 

Drop Coin, Get Cigarette From Pack, Give Cigarette, Ask Him To Show You The Way 
Out, Call Lamb, Call Botham, Call Gatting, Call Gooch, Call Edmunds, Make A 
Chain, W, E, U, U, Speak To Charmer, Autograph Bat, Give Bat To Charmer, U, 
Examine Tensing, D*3, N, Search, Go Hotel, U, E, Sleep, W, Look, Speak To 
Guerrillas, Speak To Dincus, Write On Ball, Throw Ball Through Window, Listen, 
Listen, Listen, E, N, Go Hotel, W, Ask For Help, Go Hut, Ask For Help, E, S, N, 
U*3, Get Paper From Bag, Give Paper To Goat, Get Droppings, D*3, N, Go Hut, Give 
Droppings To Hoodoo, E, Go Hotel, Give Potion To Botham, Call Gooch, Ask Gooch 
To Help, W, W, Ask For Help To Find Player, E, N, N, W, Speak To Chieftain, Give 
Teabags, N, N, Go To Hotel, Speak To Giles, Refuse, U, E, Sleep, Search, Escape. 

Now For The Game Itself, Read SCOREBOARD To Follow The Game, O + Enter Gives You 
Faster Viewing Of The Action, At The Pavillion, When Making A Good Shot Don't 
Forget To Run. 

fire, the statue of Popol Vah comes to threatens to take your 

soul but walk into the fire so that you die but save your soul). 

***** Game Over *****

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