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Challenge of Iythus, The (Challenge_of_Iythus_hints.txt)

by David Court/Rogers
Creative Juices
Spectrum 128

This is an excellent game, full of intriguing, difficult puzzles, made 
very challenging by the random elements, and by needing to perform some 
actions in a required order.  The descriptions are well-written, though 
some things don't hold together well.

While a step-by-step solution is available at the Tipshop (courtesy of 
Sinclair User), Part 2 is incomplete and has some parts missing, as well 
as some errors. Possibly this was a different version.

Part 1

Don't examine the cherub.

You'll need the rope more than once.

In the mines, get the lamp and star first, before entering the mine car. 
You will need to crawl in one location. Don't panic if you lose the star.

DUCK when you hear a whistling noise.

The black box is not necessary.

Of course, the sword is needed. But it needs to be energized before you 
meet a strong opponent.

Eating what you can appears to increase your strength. 

Don't be too quick in leaving after examining the pile of twigs and 
leaves. Take the objects you find.

What you saw on the flask comes in handy when there is a blockage.

There is a dog in the game. The bone doesn't help? You'll have to find 
something else.

Part 2

The password is "SAY GUPPY", not "SAY PUPPY".

The hint that the elf gave you in part 1? It's a red herring.

The dog is necessary close to the end. So do not free it immediately. SAY 

DUCK when you see the firebolt.

To demolish the circuitry, KILL it.

To get off the ledge after jumping down, CLIMB ROCKS.

Beware the thin ice. While you cannot walk on it, you can cross it. You 
need an adverb though. Choose the direction you need to go. How would you 
cross thin ice? Quickly, or...?

Periodically when you fall asleep, you will be captured and put in a 
torture chamber. You are given a choice about how to die. Choose either, 
then YELL, and you will find yourself north of the door on a pack of snow. 
Retrace your steps to where you were before you were captured. and 
continue on.

Don't kill the scorpion right away as it is necessary alive at a 
particular location. Once it has fulfilled its purpose, it can be killed.

To get out of the complex, wait until sleep overtakes you. Return here as 
you can also move the wall.	

After you have cut the pipes, GO HOLE.

Terri Sheehan

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