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Lost City (The_Lost_City_by_Superior_Software_Walkthrough.txt)

Number of Rooms in Game is 37
Objects which you don't need (ignore them): Beans, Knife, Sandwiches, Raft, Plank, Rope,
The beans can replace the soup, the pickaxe can replace the spade, the sandwiches can replace the
teddy bear
and the raft can replace the canoe.
The bananas are actually hidden in one of the room descriptions rather than shown after the room

You start the game in a deep rocky valley after your parachute has disintegrated and you fall to

S, Take Bottle, N, W, Take Boots, E, N, Take Gloves, Take Teddy-Bear, Take Compass, S, E, Wear Boots
(to climb E), E,
Drop Boots, Fill Bottle (with Water), N, Take Torch, W, Take Canoe, Light Torch (to go south where
it is dark)
SAVE Lost City1
S, W, N, Take Slippers, S, Give Water (Dwarf lets you past), W, Take Drill
SAVE Lost City2
E, Light Torch (to go north where it is dark), N, Operate Drill (to cut through rock wall), N, Drop
Drill, W,
Take Soup (need Gloves), E, Wear Slippers (otherwise unsafe), N, Take Cloak, Wear Slippers
(otherwise unsafe), S,
Give Soup (Gnome lets you past), E, Give Teddy-Bear (Troll lets you past), S, Drop Slippers, Paddle
Canoe, N
SAVE Lost City3
Take Map, E, Take Net, W, Fill Bottle (With Water), Follow Compass, N, W, xxTake Ropexx, W, Take
Lamp, E, E,
Drop Torch, Take Oil (in Lamp), Follow Compass, N, W, W
SAVE Lost City4
Drink Water, S, Paddle Canoe, N, Take Spade, Drop Canoe, Take Bananas, Throw Net (Catch the
SAVE Lost City5
E, Wave Cloak, E, E, Drop Cloak, Take Ladder, W, Give Bananas, N, Follow Map, E, Climb Ladder, N,
Excavate Spade,
SAVE Lost City6
E, Say Snowflake, Light Lamp, S, Climb Ladder, N, Take Diamond
The End - Score 100/100

For a review of the game, read Acorn User June 1984 page 154 (Stuart Menges)