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Little Adventure (Little_Adventure.txt)

Written by Michael Grandt (Puf) 1988
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

You find yourself in a refueling sphere.  The only thing you remember is that 
you are a robot, and there has been a power failure.

Walk Through
(Start inside sphere with no obvious exits), BREAK SPHERE (now in refuelling 
chamber), EXAMINE SCREEN (message to D401 - you are the only functioning droid... 
your memory has been deleted by the power failure, you must find the spare memory 
circuit and return the power level to maximum), W (north end of corridor), S, 
W (your apartment), GET CARD, EXAMINE CARD (can be inserted in your computer), 
INSERT CARD (the computer ejects your spare memory circuit), GET CIRCUIT, EXAMINE 
CIRCUIT, E, E (storeroom), EXAMINE LIFT (used to collect goods from shelves), 

S (computer room), EXAMINE COMPUTER (from here you can activate all tools and 
vehicles in town - there is a shelf underneath containing an instruction book), 
GET BOOK, EXAMINE BOOK (instructions for returning power to maximum), ACTIVATE 
LIFT (you have activated the hoover-lift and can now collect goods from the 
shelves), GET COMPUTER, N, E (back to storeroom) ENTER LIFT, U (you are high 
above the ground by a shelf with a sign reading disguises), GET DISGUISE (human), 
D, LEAVE LIFT, W, N, N (border between robot and human parts of town), N (human 
part of town), E (inside main computer), SAY FULL POWER TO ALL GENERATORS (you 
have completed your mission and the power is back on).


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