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Stranded on Iloofrax (Stranded_on_Iloofrax.txt)

Stranded on Iloofrax Solution

You can only carry up to 3 objects at any one time, not a problem as the game is quite short.
The only objects I didn't find a use for were the box of snowflakes and the frog. Also pressing
the purple lever (sunshine)
doesn't appear to have a use.

1. First get the spade and the seeds and plant them to grow a tree. Up in the castle collect the
mirror and pull the pink lever,
this creates a hurricane which knocks out the monkey. Before returning to the start get the cake
which will mean the
hungry gnome follows you.

N, W , Get Spade, E, E, NW, D, S, SE, Get Packet, NE, U, N, E, N, Dig, Open Packet, Plant Seed (huge
tree grows),
Drop Spade, Climb Tree, E, SE, Get Mirror, W, (ignore box of snowflakes) Pull Pink, N, W, D, S, E,
Get Cake, W, W, S, D,
SW, W, NW (the gnome will follow you), E, N, U, E, Drop Cake (it rolls away and the gnome goes after
it picking up and
giving you the silver bullet in the process), Get Bullet

2. Now visit the witch and then get the gun and the note. 

S, W, W, S, Enter Shack (the mirror bounces the spell back to the witch), W, Get Bottle, Drop
Mirror, Get Chart,
Exam Chart (make a note of the co-ordinates of Earth), Drop Chart, E (ignore the frog), N, W, W, W,
N, Get Gun.

3. Now kill the wolf and visit the restaurant where you'll find some money. Buy some stilts
with it from the aniques shop.

Load Gun, S, E, S, Shoot Wolf, Get Tie, Wear Tie, N, Enter Rest (you get in wearing the tie), N,
Open Till, Drop Gun,
Get Note, S, S, Remove Tie, Drop Tie, E, E, N, N, Enter Build, Exam List, Buy Stilts, S, S

4. Get the key from the magpie and move the metal cat. This will lead us to the spaceship and our
way home.

E, E, NW, D, S, W, SE, Get Chain, E, NE, U, N, N, Drop Chain (the magpie swoops down for it giving
you the chance to get
the key if you're quick), S, Climb Tree, Get Key, D, E, E, Insert Key, Wind Key (the cat walks
away clearing a path)

5. Cross the stream by wearing the stilts then enter the spaceship and, playing pilot, plot your
flight home.

Wear Stilts, E, NE, SE, Get Glass, Drop Bottle (an astronaut appears, downs the bottle and falls
unconscious), Get Card,
NW, N, Enter Ship, Insert Card, E, E, Press Green, 635 274, Drink Liquid, Press L1, Press L2, Wait x
9 until you
land on Earth. Note - your final score % doesn't appear on screen - just assume it's 100%