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House on the Tor, The (House_on_the_Tor.txt)

Written by Alan Davis
Walk Through with Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

(Start of a dull misty morning in your bedroom), EXAMINE BED, OPEN DRAWER (see wallet), GET WALLET,
EXAMINE WALLET (contained a five pound note), EXAMINE PAINTING, READ SIGNATURE (P. Fotheringay),
EXAMINE WINDOW (note the postman is delivering mail), E (entrance hall), E, S (study), EXAMINE DESK
(you see a length of twine), GET TWINE, EXAMINE TWINE, EXAMINE CHAIR, SIT CHAIR (it isn't
comfortable), EXAMINE CHAIR (you see a book), GET BOOK, READ BOOK (tips on kite flying), U
(something drops through the letter box), N, W (to entrance hall), GET ENVELOPE, OPEN ENVELOPE
(contains a solicitor's letter and set of keys), READ LETTER (a house has been bequeathed to
you by your uncle), EXAMINE KEYS, E, OPEN back DOOR, E (into overgrown garden), EXAMINE WEEDS (you
see an old pair of wellington boots), GET BOOTS, EXAMINE BOOTS, CLIMB TREE, GET KITE, EXAMINE KITE
(shaped like a flying fish), D, W, CLOSE DOOR, W (to entrance hall), OPEN front DOOR, N (to end of
road), CLOSE DOOR.

E, E (to east of village), D (to foot of a steeply sloping path), D (into brook where you see an
abandoned coot's nest), EXAMINE NEST, GET EGG, EXAMINE EGG, U, WEAR BOOTS (otherwise you slip
into the water), N , GET MOSS, S, U, E (to Gringeton Ford Halt), BUY TICKET (where to?), UPCOMBE,
PAY (you receive your ticket), E (to platform), WAIT (until a rain pulls into the platform), IN (to
railway carriage), WAIT (until the train stops), OUT (to platform at Upcombe Halt), E (outside

U (a snarling Alsatian dog bars progress), EXAMINE DOG, DROP EGG (the smell of bad egg fills the air
and the dog runs off), U (to top of Upcombe Tor), UNLOCK DOOR, OPEN DOOR, N (to entrance hall of
uncle's mansion), E, N (to kitchen), EXAMINE TABLE, GET BREADKNIFE, S, w, U (to balcony), W
(into bedroom), EXAMINE TABLE (you see a handwritten note), READ NOTE (from your uncle about his
invention), GET NOTE, EXAMINE SHELVES (you see a pile of scientific journals), GET JOURNALS, READ
JOURNALS, E, E (into small room), EXAMINE OBJECT, CUT STRING (now see an unusual mirror), EXAMINE

ENTER MIRROR, (through a cold clammy mist to a ring of huge monoliths where you meet a small man in
a raincoat), SAY HELLO (he is the Guardian of Multi Worlds), W (through the mist to a narrow ledge),
S, S (to where a fissure widens and there is a piece of dwarvish rope guarded by a dwarf), GET ROPE
(the dwarf sees you), EXAMINE DWARF, EXTINGUISH LANTERN (now he can't see you), GET ROPE, N, N,
D (through the mist back to the ring of huge monoliths), N (through the mist to a barren desert
plain), W, S (into desert where you see a black tower), EXAMINE TOWER (note the breeze here), TIE
TWINE, FLY KITE (as it passes the window in the tower, a hand reaches out, seizes the kite and pulls
it inside), LOOK (you now see twine hanging down), TIE ROPE (someone pulls the twine upwards and the
rope goes with it), CLIMB ROPE (to a black circular chamber where you meet Peter Fotheringay), SAY
HELLO (obviously he isn't dead, but was captured by a winged creature and imprisoned in the
tower), CLIMB ROPE (back down - Peter follows you but don't delay here or the winged creature
will capture you), N, E, S (back to the ring of Monoliths).

E (through the mist to the head of a valley), S (grassy path), PICK POPPY, S, D (to cave), WAIT
(until Peter opens the block), IN (you step into darkness and appear to be falling.... You find
yourself standing beneath a cloudless blue sky), S, S (to a square with a pedestal and crystal
bowl - you pass through the mist and find yourself standing on a sea shore), E (to the shore of the
Sea of Time), E, E (you see a fissure south), S (to fissure entrance where there is an unusual
sundial), EXAMINE SUNDIAL (it is no ordinary sundial - in the center is a brass pointer), TURN
POINTER (which symbol?), TRIANGLE, S (to sea cavern), S (to pool), EXAMINE POOL (it is bottomless -
note your location when you go down depends on which direction the sundial pointer is pointing to -
Circle returns you to Ring of Monoliths, Square to square where the crystal dish is and Triangle to
Pyramid), D (through the mist to a pyramid).

EXAMINE PYRAMID, N (into pyramid), N (to large hall), EXAMINE TABLE, SAY HELLO (the Geometrician
says that the matrix tables are in a mess), GIVE JOURNALS (he tells you to wait outside while he
does the calculations), S, S (outside pyramid), WAIT (you fall and pass through the mist, finding
ourself back in the small room in Peter's house on Upcombe).


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