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By Right of Birth (By_Right_of_Birth_hints.txt)

by Ben Webb
Adventure Probe Software
Spectrum 48

This is an interesting game, with some assets and liabilities. One plus is that 
many objects needed to solve puzzles are found close to where you need them, 
saving you from needing to carry objects for a long time. Another bonus is that 
the game tells you if you do not have all you need before you leave an area. Its 
main drawback is that there are too many ways to look at things [e.g. EXAMINE, 
SEARCH (sometimes more than once), LOOK IN, LOOK AROUND, SEARCH AROUND, LOOK 
UNDER, LOOK BEHIND, etc.]. It becomes tedious after a while to go through this 
entire repertoire..

There are some inconsistencies. Sometimes you need to take something from the 
haversack in order to give it to someone, but at other times you don't. Give the 
note to Derek even though you don't see him.

Can't get the sparkling item? ASK the CHILDREN.

Can't get your birth certificate? You need to pay for it.

Typing HELP gives a list of verbs (very helpful).

There is one red herring. It is in the study. But it does provide a hint.

Rather than LEAN the ladder, EXTEND it.

Check your inventory once you have the photostat. You'll see there is something 
missing. Find that object.

You need to move an object in your mother's bedroom.

Listening doesn't work? Try LISTENING AT DOOR.

Terri Sheehan

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