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Philosopher's Stone, The (Philosophers_Stone_central.txt)

The Philosopher's Stone - Edward Beck (Central Solutions, 1986)   
Walkthrough by Juan Duc  

Enter, Buy wine, Drink wine, Play dice, Leave, S, S, S, S, W, Take gold, E, E, 
Climb date palm, Pick dates, D, W, W, U, S, D, Take knife, S, Give dates, Take 
bell, Take old carpet, Examine bell, N, U, N, D, E, N, Give beggar, S, E, E, 
E, S, Turn winch, Drop book, Climb through, Take axe, Climb through, N, W, W, 
Drop knife, W, N, N, U, Enter hut, Use axe, Take lodestone, Leave, D, S, S, S, 
S, Buy camel, Ride camel, N, W, Dismount camel, Take twine, Fill bottle, Drop 
axe, E, E, U, Enter cave, Ring bell, Ring bell, Ring bell, S, Kassim, Abu Ben 
Yussef, Help, Malaak, Drop bell, Take lamp, Take mirror, N, N, D, E, Spread 
carpet, E, Take carpet, Enter, S, Examine grid, Tie lodestone, Lower 
lodestone, Raise lodestone, Take steel key, Take lodestone, S, Open door, S, 
W, Unlock door, Open door, Drop steel key

S, Light lamp, Untie lodestone, Tie mirror, Lower mirror, Take ladder, Lower 
ladder, D, Take emerald, U, E, Smother flame, Take casket, Throw bottle, Drop 
lodestone, Drop mirror, Take talisman, Take carpet, N, E, N, N, N, N, Spread 
carpet, W, W, W, W, Take axe, W, N, N, Give emerald, Take chess, Examine 
chess, Read inscription, Drop chess, N, E, E, E, S, Take rope, Take book, 
Climb through, Sit on rug, Behari, Climb gibbet, Cut down, D, Drop book, Take 
corpse, Enter, E, Give corpse, W, S, Take book, Enter, E, N, U, NW, NE, 
Examine door, Squeeze through, D, S, S, Drop rope, Drop casket, Crawl through

W, S, Wipe hands, Drop lamp, Grab rope, Climb rope, Turn winch, Examine 
bucket, Empty bucket, Take ring, E, U, Wear ring, E, Rub ring, E, N, E, Throw 
axe, Take keys, Unlock door, N, Take spear, S, E, U, S, S, Unlock door, Drop 
keys, S, Roll amphora, Roll amphora, E, Take brass key, Take flute, Examine 
bookcase, Place book, W, N, D, W, W, S, W, Rub ring, W, D, W, Lower bucket, D, 
Swing, Take lamp, N, E, E, Drop spear, Take rope, Climb into, E, S, Drop rope, 
Play flute, Drop flute, N, Crawl through, W, Take casket, Take spear, Climb 
into, E, S, Climb rope, U, Unlock door, Drop brass key, E, Throw spear, W, D, 
Take torch, Open door, S, Take cube, N, Drop torch, U, E, S, Open door, E, 
Throw casket, N, N, Take robe, S, S, W, D, Examine door, Put talisman, Take 
Talisman, W, U, S, E, D, Wear talisman, E, S, E, S, E, S, Support scales, Take 
Philosopher's Stone, Put cube, N, W, Wear robe, Remove robe, N, W, N, U, W, N, 
D, W, W, S, W, Rub ring, W, D, W, D, Swing, N, E, E, N, N, U, Squeeze through 
door, SW, SE, D, S, W, S, Sit on rug, Iraheb, Climb through, N, W, W, W, N, N, 
N, N 

Quest is over. Score: 100%  

Now that you have the Philosopher's Stone... go turn some lead into gold! 

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