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Quest For the Poorly Snail (Quest_For_Poorly_Snail.txt)

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Spectrum 48 
You are a knight of the square table. You have been locked away in Decter's 
castle for years and are planning your escape. As you read Snail's letter, 
you do not forget that Moron le Fay locked you up in the first place. 
There are some random elements here. While you can enter Parts 2 and 3 
without all the needed objects, you may need to go back to a saved game and 
replay from there. 
EXAMINE the guard and take what he has. 
LISTEN (until the guard comes in). 
You need to TAKE BOOK two times in order to have it. 
When you see a man, you have no way of knowing if he has what you want. 
Follow him around until you can ask him if he has a rope. 
Sometimes you may need to wait, or look around, until an event happens. One 
of those places is after you take the gum. 
Don't know how to do Fay in? Move the bed when you are trapped. You need to 
move it into a particular location. 
Use the broom where it is dirty. 
Wash the plate where you can. 
Part 1:
You are in your cell(you see a note and a bottle of poison, TAKE BOTTLE, 
READ NOTE )(Snail writes that he is ill. He has planned for your escape. In 
return you must go to Arthur's court; find Devlin and get his potion of 
healing. He has arranged for one of Denlin's machines to pick you up. When 
the guard comes to feed you, poison your food, offer him some and escape to 
the battlements. EXAMINE BOTTLE, EXAMINE CALENDAR, LISTEN (there is a guard 
outside pacing), WAIT (you attack and kill time), LOOK (you see dead time), 
LISTEN (several times until the guard comes in and gives you your food), 
POISON FOOD (you offer the guard the food and he falls on his back), EXAMINE 
GUARD (you see a uniform), TAKE UNIFORM, WEAR UNIFORM. 
Go W, N, (a trapdoor opens and you land by a dwarf; you see barrels of ale), 
FILL BOTTLE WITH ALE, UP (you see bones), S, S, OPEN WEST DOOR (you go in 
and the elephant man asks for ale), EXAMINE ELEPHANTMAN (he has a chain 
around his waist with a bunch of keys), GIVE ALE (he falls asleep), TAKE 
KEYS, EXAMINE TABLE (there are foot marks on it), TAKE TABLE, E, OPEN SOUTH 
DOOR (you are in a fine room with a window and a chequebook), EXAMINE 
WINDOW (you need a rope), N, N, N, UP (a wizard comes in from the south 
where there is a tavern), S (you see weapons), S (you see guards to the 
east, a mob to the west and the bar to the south; you see a middle-aged man 
who may move away; follow him until he is there). 
SAY TO MAN "ROPE" (he accepts cheques), WRITE BOOK (if he moves, follow him; 
when you see him again, write the book; he gives you a rope), W (in needed 
depending on where you are), N, N, DOWN, S, S, S, CLIMB TABLE, TIE ROPE (you 
climb through the window and see a ticket), REMOVE UNIFORM, DROP UNIFORM, 
TAKE TICKET, EXAMINE TICKET, EXAMINE BARS (the window is too high to reach), 
EXAMINE ROPE (it could carry your weight), DROP NOTE, SWING ROPE (the bus 
arrives and you give your ticket to the driver; you are being followed). End 
of Part 1. 
Part 2:  
You are on a road. Go W, EXAMINE CAVE (there is a locked door), UNLOCK DOOR, 
TAKE GOLD, EXAMINE PICTURES, MOVE PICTURES (you see a trapdoor to the 
north), S, E, E (you are hit over the head and see a letter and tape), READ 
LETTER (the letter has information on it about C5), TAKE TAPE, E, N, TAKE 
SKIN, S, E, E, ENTER, EXAMINE HUT (you see gum), TAKE GUM, LOOK (until Birch 
takes you; this make take a while), TIE ROPE, TAKE MONEY, CLIMB DOWN ROPE, 
EXAMINE LEAVES (you hear Moron's voice). End of Part 2. 
Part 3:
(You get the message that sight is available only to those with light), 
LIGHT TORCH, LOOK (you see trash, a bed, the shoot, a locked door; you are 
trapped), MOVE BED (where?), MOVE BED TO SHOOT (you squash Fay), LOOK, 
EXAMINE FAY, TAKE KEYS, UNLOCK DOOR, S, W, W, W (you see the mad carrot; he 
needs help), SAY "HI" TO CARROT (he needs to disguise himself as a banana to 
avoid being eaten by the loony rabbit), GIVE SKIN (he gives you a ring), N, 
E, N, N, N, E, N, UP, S, W, EXAMINE CUPBOARD (you see a broom), TAKE BROOM, 
E, E (you see a dirty place), SWEEP FLOOR (you get a plate), S, WASH PLATE 
(it tells you about a cassette; it is a trap set by Moron Le Fay – a bomb. 
If you play it, it will explode. Also your ring is magical and you should 
try rubbing it), W, DROP RECORDER, PLAY TAPE, S (you hear an explosion and 
the place begins to collapse), RUB RING (you are back home). You are 
Terri Sheehan
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