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Dark Crystal, The (Dark_Crystal.txt)

DARK CRYSTAL (Sierra On-Line) – the solution

[at the start of the game just try to move in any direction], (a mystic 
will appear. After he leaves follow these directions) E, GET SHALE, W, W, 
W, W, N, (now you should be at Ursu)  SPEAK URSU, LOOK BOWL, S, E, E, N, 
DIG, GET FLUTE, N (you will fall down but don't worry about it), E, N, 
LISTEN BROOK, W, CUT PAD, E, E, E, E, N, N, USE PAD (at swamp), (after 
you get off the pad) N, E, [you will get caught up in some vines. Just 
start typing directions until the drive turns on and the picture changes: 
a long arm with an eye will be thrust up toward you], SPEAK BEING, YES, 
MOON DAUGHTERS ( the answer to the riddle), [type a random direction as 
it won't matter because it breaks into the move and gives you 'before Jen 
can react...' message], (She will take you to her observatory, and then 
asks you what you want) CRYSTAL SHARD, (she will bring you four coloured 
shards) PLAY FLUTE, (the blue crystal should play back the tune that you 
issue) GET BLUE, S, (terribile Garthim storm Augra's lab) GO WINDOW, S, W 
(you will fall into a bog), HELP (Kira & Fizzgig will help you out), TURN 
SHELL, GET POUCH, GO SHELL, (you enter at the pod village) [just try to 
move around until the Garthim arrive],  S, S, W, N, SIT DOWN, LOOK WALL 
(the shapes will give some hints), N (before it moves you north, a 
creature will appear and say that he will help you: he lies. Don't follow 
him: he will go south), N, N, W, S (you should be at the land-striders  - 
two long-legged beasts), JUMP ON, W, W, W, W, W, S, W, S (you will be 
knocked off your steeds),  (as the Garthim approach) JUMP, (while 
falling) GRAB KIRA, (when you on the ground) W, SEND FIZZGIG, (it will 
ask where you want to send it) SEND BARS, [do another random move to 
waste a move and Fizzgig will return before you can react], GET KEY, USE 
KEY, OPEN BARS, S, S, S, W, W, S (the chamberlain will appear and steal 
Kira & Fizzgig), S (you will fall in a pit with Garthim), RUN, GO HOLE, 
CLIMB (you will be in the chamber of life: Augra will be here all wrapped 
up, you can leave her as it will not affect the game play), E, S, W, E, 
GO CURTAIN, N, N, W, GET SCEPTER, E, E, E, USE HOOK, E, U, E (you will be 
on the balcony), 
JUMP CRYSTAL (you will drop the shard), (now, you will have a choice: 
save Kira or heal crystal: you have to choose to heal the crystal. To the 
question answer) NO, INSERT SHARD, KISS KIRA.


- to escape the Garthim just enter a direction, you will always out run 
them as they are slow!
- the 'crystal bat' alerts the skeksis of where you are, and in turn, the 
Garthim are informed of your location.
- Mystics are your friends.
- you don't have to get the following items as they do you no good: sling 
& pouch
- there is no score in the DARK CRYSTAL adventure. The object is to heal 
- see the movie (optional), many of the hints are revealed after seeing 

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