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Island of Death (Island_of_Death.txt)

Island of Death - by Stephen Preston (SP Enterprises, 1984)

Spectrum 48k

Walkthrough by Juan Duc

Take gold, N, Run, Swim, N, Take gun, W, Take torch, E, N, Turn on torch, Look, 
Take spade, S, W, Dig mound, With spade, Open door, Eat food, Drink beer, Leave 
cellar, Press button, Say~hello~ (you have to write it like that, with no 
spaces, using the symbols under the A key in the Spectrum), Eat biscuit, N, E, 
Kill bull, With gun, Yes, Take key, W, N, Unlock castle door, NESW, W, Take 
matches, E, E, Take air balloon, W, Get in basket,  Light match, Take boat, 
Climb aboard boat, Row boat, 1


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