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Magic Telephone, The (Magic_Telephone_Solution.txt)

Go W, W, S and take the apple.
Go E and E, resisting the temptation to eat the apple and instead feeding it to the snake.
Go E and open the box. Take the rope.
Go W, W, W, N, N, E and tie the monster's tail to prevent it from impeding your progress
Go south and knock on the door.
Choose Rainbow-man's help and you'll be taken to a clearing in the forest. Take the
Go N, N, W, S, S, E, E, S and take a look at what's at the bottom of the well.
Take the cat and head N, N, N.
Enter the cave. Go further in.
The wizard thanks you for returning his cat.

That's the end of part 1.
Part 2 is missing from all known archives.