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Escape From Pulsar 7 (Pulsar7_hints.txt)

Advice Sheet for Escape from Pulsar 7

This is the official hint sheet released by Adventure International UK, retyped up from the original

The following notes have been compiled in order to help those adventurers who are experiences
difficulty in making progress in "Escape from Pulsar 7". It must be stressed that direct
answers or solutions to problems will not be given here. The comments will simply try to point the
player in the right direction so that he/she may be able to solve the puzzle by themselves.

The advice will be split into three sections, each section will be separate so that will not be
tempted to "peep" at sections that you have not yet completed. The three sections are as

Section 1 - from the initial location to the Maze of Ventilation Ducts.

Your initial location is in the social room of the space freighter "Pulsar 7".
Try examining the couch or even moving it!
Puzzled by the strange ROD? Give it a turn and you may see the light!
In a nice warm bunk. That must mean that iti is safe to sleep here at night!
Maybe if I CLOSE the DOOR a pillow will appear on my BUNK!
I wonder if there is anything under this PILLOW?
Found another BUnk? An Air Vent as well eh! Better examine these closely!
In the AIR VENT? Beware the DUST! On a random chance it could be FATAL!
Found an ORANGE BUTTON? I think I had better leave it alone!
By the CONTROL CONSOLE? Maybe this CIRCUIT BOARD fits in there somewhere!
Found the BLACK and WHITE buttons? I guess that WHITE could have a use!
I examined the floor and found a RING. I will USE the HOOK to PULL it with!
In a MAZE? Good job I had my ILLUMINANT ROD with me! I better not spend too long in here. The CREATE
might get me!
ON the CAPTAIN'S BUNK? These WHITE TABLETS would be useful for DRUGing the CREATURE. How to
administer them is another problem!

Section 2 - form the WRECKED CABIN to the WORKSHOP
On a BUNK? I think I will EXAMINE the CEILING!
How to get through this HOLE in the CEILING? I suppose I could JUMP!
A length of cable lying around? I might need this later on!
A LATHE that doesn't work? I wonder if it is connected to the power supply?
I wonder if there is anything underneath that LATHE!
If this SQURE block was ROUND, I might be able to fix that strange OVEN!

Section 3 - from the Captain's CABIN to ESCAPE
In the GALLEY? IF I had all the right ingredients I could make a DRUGGED FRUIT CAKE!
Wondering what to use the HAMMER and the piece of WOOD for? With the HAMMER I could SMASH my way
into that LOCKER. With the SCREWDRIVER I could remove that PANEL on the CEILING above the
I have FIXED the OVEN and BAKED a DRUGGES FRUIT CAKE. I can now go and FEED that CREATURE! Maybe it
will fall asleep and stop bothering me!
In the Emergency Airlock? Before I go pressing any buttons I had better make sure I am wearing my
space suit and my magnetic boots!
In the Shuttlecraft Bay? Make sure that the Bay Doors are open before you try to leave!