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Marie Celeste (Marie_Celeste_hints.txt)

by W.D.S.
Atlantis Software

You stole a space yacht and are drifting in pirate space, steering toward a 
pirate ship. Your objective is to locate the pirates treasures and bring them to 
the utility room, locate the dymenthium ingots for your ship and bring them to 
the utility room, and discover what happened to the pirates. Serviceable but not 
great. Little atmosphere or creative writing.


Every fifty moves or so, you see androids following you. You need to get rid of 
them. Find something that will do the job. You will need the card to find the 

The ingots are in a very cold room. You will need protection (so as to not get 
burned), and a means of keeping the ingots cold.

Make sure you eat something (not the boost which is a treasure), before you go 
down the rope. 

The rope is too short? You need to make it longer by finding something else you 
can tie to it.

The sampler is needed in some locations if you are not wearing your suit.

Can't get out of the brig? Make sure you have the card, PUT HAND IN, then INSERT 

HELP is available in some locations.

Don't know what to do inside the teleport booth? Think of Star Trek lingo. Try 
BEAM (me up). You will end up in one of several locations, randomly determined. 
Map the maze first before you play it (swamp, plain, rocks). It is a difficult 

What to do at the steel door? You need to have found an object in the maze 
first. IN <what is common to both>.

There are several places where you need to LOOK IN.

Terri Sheehan

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