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Behind Closed Doors 6 (bcd6-solution.txt)

by John Wilson / Pension Productions 2019
(based on the 2012 Twine interactive game)

Solution by Gareth Pitchford

You start outside the 'smallest room' with a new hi-tech gadget in your possession... 

WORN (boots, pants, shirt, pencil), EXAM BOOTS, EXAM SHIRT, EXAM PANTS (pockets), EXAM POCKETS
(phone!), EXAM ROOF, INVENTORY (sheet of paper, black box), EXAM PAPER (instructions), EXAM BOX
(black box with a red button and battery compartment), READ PAPER (the box is a remote control),
PRESS BUTTON (it doesn't work.. the batteries perhaps?), OPEN COMPARTMENT (the batteries drop
out and roll under the hedge!), EXAM HEDGE, SEARCH UNDER HEDGE (urgh! Something slimy!), SEARCH
UNDER HEDGE (it's a frog!), EXAM FROG, TALK FROG (He tells you the ants have stolen the
batteries!), TALK FROG, EXAM DRAINPIPE (there's a notice inside), EXAM NOTICE (this way to the
attic), GO ATTIC.

EXAM CHEST, EXAM PATCH, EXAM PLASTERWORK (the gnome's work), PHONE GNOME (The ants ordered the
work to be done!), DIG PLASTER (using the pencil... a hole appears), LOOK IN HOLE (too dark!),
SEARCH IN HOLE, SEARCH IN HOLE (you uncover a rolled up ball of paper), EXAM BALL (it's the
Goblin's Gazzette), [Don't try and pick it up or it's game over here!], UNRAVEL BALL
(inside the gazzette is a medallion), GET MEDALLION (the Cockroach enters, takes the medallion and
retrieves the batteries for you). 

With the batteries inserted you now head off to the 'smallest room... while the ants plot their

PRESS BUTTON (the door opens!), ENTER (now inside the 'smallest room'... some mice enter
and untie your laces), [Don't forget to close the door... or it's game over here], PRESS

Congratulations... you've completed this "little epic"...