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Moonscape - Escape From the Moon (Moonscape_hints.txt)

by Simon Allan
Spectrum 48


This is a good game. While it has red herrings, if you save/restore often, this 
is not a major problem. It is best if you try to play this game with minimal 
waste of time. Which means finding out what doors/panels you can open first.

There are a few red herrings. You only need two items from the store room. It 
should be pretty obvious about one. The other is an object which can be used to 
slash bedding. 

To enter/leave locations which you have accessed/opened, type GO <that which is 
typed in uppercase letters on the screen>.

Need a password? You need to examine a particular location.

Can't get into the spacecraft?  Look very carefully at the security codes 

Only one of the security codes you get (besides the one you already have), is 

While I did not need the food, if you play longer you may need it.

You do not need to close any doors behind you except one.

You appear to be able to carry an unlimited number of objects. Bonus!!!

Nothing happens when you press the red button? You need to get the computer on-
line first.

Careful mapping and lots of saves/restores are needed once you are driving to 
get to where you want to be. Remember up/down, as well as the other eight 
directions. This is a different kind of maze, since you cannot map it by 
dropping objects.

Terri Sheehan

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