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Royal Quest, The (Royal_Quest.txt)

THE ROYAL QUEST - by Ian Martin and Brian Beuken (Timeslip Software, 1984)

Amstrad CPC

Walkthrough by Juan Duc, Doreen B., Terri and Dave.

E, S, Examine graves, Take shovel, Dig (a skeleton is found; ignore it, it's just a 
red herring), N, W, W, Dig, Take flint, S (King tells you about your quest and 
gives you a sword), Examine sword, N, E, E, E (the Dwarf is here, but don't bother 
him, he's not necessary to finish the adventure), S, Take hatchet, Examine tree 
(you see ripe apples, but don't bother, they are not necessary to finish the game), 
N, E, E, S, E, N, Cut rope, Drop hatchet, Go boat (there is a net inside the boat, 
if you pick it up you can cast it and catch some "little red fish" when you are in 
the middle of the lake, but this is obviously just a red herring; "little red 
fish", get it?), Row North, Row East, Row North, N, N,  Examine peacock, Take 
peacock (he drops a feather while he escapes. This feather can be used later on, 
but you can also use the sword the King gave you for the same purpose, after you 
find the jewelled hilt; it's up to you whether you want to pick it up and use it 
instead of the sword, either way works), N, Drop shovel, Drop sword, Drop flint, 
Take anvil, S, W, S, Drop anvil, N, N,

Take book, Read book (read all entries; they contain several clues), Drop book, 
Examine mantlepiece, Take lamp, W, Examine chest, Take tie, Take radio (it slips 
off of your fingers and breaks), Examine radio, Take battery, S,  Examine stove, 
Fill lamp, E, E, N, Take ladder, take shovel, Light lamp, Wear tie, Take flint, 
Light lamp, Drop flint, Take sword, S, W, S, Go block, Go wall, W, Drop ladder, 
Examine cave (you see the alcove), Climb ladder, N, Dig (you find the brass key for 
the brass door, but don't bother, it's just another red herring), N, W, S, Dig, 
Take hilt, Examine sword (it has turned into the "Dragon Slayer" model sword), Take 
coins, N, E, S, S, Climb ladder, E, E, E, E, Give coins, Take rope, W, W, W, W, 
Climb ladder, N, N, Tie rope, To ring, Drop rope, Climb rope, Dig, Take crown, 
Climb rope, S, S, Climb ladder, Drop shovel, Take ladder, E, E, E, N, Drop ladder, 
N, Kill dragon, N, N, Give battery, Take parchment, Read parchment, S, S, S, S, W, 
Say warm, S, W, W, W, S, Give crown


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