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Delron (Delron_hints.txt)

BY Richard Otter
Spectrum 48

Beware – this is a game with random elements, which become most annoying when 
aliens arrive. Some you can avoid, others not.

Notwithstanding this annoyance, the game is also challenging for other reasons. 
First, you are unsure what you need to do first. Second, you will, at some time, 
find a clue sheet which lists the names of people and clues to what to do with 
them, but this is obscure to say the least. The names do not easily match with 
the people's occupations as some of these people you do not meet. 

Delron is set on the space cargo ship Orion, three days out from space dock 
something has gone seriously wrong. Just an accident or was it sabotage?


The first objective is to keep you alive. This means repairing the Life Support 
system. You need to find the sonic screwdriver, use it, and then give it to 

Once you have done that, it seems as if the aliens, who arrive randomly, will 
not deplete all your energy (I am not sure about this).

The order in which you do things is important. You need to ASK the STEWARD, who 
will tell you what you need to do first.

To manage the lift support system, you need to fix it. This requires two steps. 
The first is a "provisional" fix, the second a more permanent fix.

ASK the <people> you meet. This gives valuable information.

Until you find the means to deal with the aliens that attack you, you will need 
to allow them to make you weaker.

It appears that the file has some unnecessary information.

You need to give certain objects to certain people:
Give screwdriver to electrician (you need to use it first yourself).
Give the odd note to the captain.
Give the star chart/atomic booster to the navigator.
Give the bag to the 2nd officer.
Give the newspaper to the radar navigator.
Give the  vitamin to the steward.
Give the watch to the pilot.

Examine the muck twice.

The engineer is quite important. Once you have reached a certain threshold, he 
drops something, so EXAMINE him again.

Once you have the torch, ON TORCH, and SHOW TORCH when you meet an alien. 
Sometimes it flees and sometimes it dies. Once you have closed the hatch, make 
sure you get rid of  the last remaining alien until it dies.

Unnecessary objects appear to be the badge, the C ring, the astrol book, the 
robot guard, the ticket.

You need to have put 5 people in the bridge before you go there.

Continue to shoot the 4-horned alien until it dies.

There are objects to manipulate (switch, hatch, etc.), but you need to have 
accomplished certain actions first before you can execute them. 

The welder is not obsolete. 

Terri Sheehan

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