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Demon's Forge (Demons_Forge.txt)

Written by Mike Crawford, John Parry, Randy Walsh & Andy Wolanow (1983)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Apple Version)

(Start at the entrance to a cave), INVENTORY (carrying rations), N  
(entryway), GET COSTUME, LOOK COSTUME (a small vial falls out of the 
pocket), GET VIAL, W (long east/west hallway), W (someone's sleeping 
quarters), OPEN CHEST, LOOK CHEST (see blanket and pillow), GET BLANKET, 
GET PILLOW, MOVE CHEST (reveal a bag of ashes), GET BAG, E, E, E, E (old 
armoury where a skinny man runs by), FOLLOW MAN (to junction route), E 
(meet skinny man in his room), GIVE RATIONS (he gives you a rod in 

W, N (bird statue), LOOK STATUE (there's something in the beak), INSERT 
ROD (a red gem falls out), GET RED, S, S, W, W, N (great hall), N, E 
(burning brazier), BURN BAG (Joe the fire elemental comes to your aid and 
will be your friend as long as you possess the red gem), W, N (before two 
huge oaken doors), OPEN DOORS (as you and Joe approach the doors they go 
up in flames – you meet an assassin with poison dripping from his arrow), 
KILL ASSASSIN (he was ready for you and shoots you in the side), DRINK 
VIAL (you have neutralized the poison), KILL ASSASSIN (now dead), SEARCH 
ASSASSIN (find a chime), GET CHIME, S.

S (well), FILL VIAL (with water), GO WELL (Joe evaporates the water and 
extinguishes himself in the process... it is slowly filling back up with 
water), RING CHIME (door opens and you fall into the trick room where a 
sign says first left then right until stop), GO LEFT, GO RIGHT, GO RIGHT, 
GO RIGHT, GO RIGHT, GO RIGHT (you come to a room with a stop sign), N 
(magician's room where you meet a rabbit), GIVE WATER (to what?), RABBIT, 
WAND, E, E, N (door of rubber), USE WAND (a flaming ball of fire melts 
the door and the carpet catches fire), SMOTHER FIRE (using blanket), N 
(smithy), GET AXE.

S, S, W, W, N (view of forest), N (mirror maze), BREAK MIRROR (using 
axe), DROP AXE, DROP WAND, E, N, W, N (guardroom), W (garden), DIG GROUND 
(reveals a carrot), GET CARROT, E, E (guard's sleeping quarters), CLIMB 
WALL (to den), GET BOOTS, GET PENDANT, D, E, E, N, N (room of statues 
where the first is glowing), GET FIRST (it transforms into a shovel), 
WEAR BOOTS (you float in the air), DIG CEILING (where the X's aren't – a 
mound of dirt drops to the ground), GET MOUND (of dirt), W, W (to where 
there is a wooden door on the ground), OPEN DOOR, D (intersection of the 
elements), FILL HOPPER (with the dirt… you are back in the stave room), 
GET SECOND, W, W, D, W (fire elemental's room), BURN SECOND (you return 
to the stave room), GET THIRD, W, W, D, S (glass room), GET BOTTLE, N, E 
(water elemental's room), DROP THIRD (in the fountain… the murky water 
vanishes and you see something written on the bottom), READ FOUNTAIN (you 
return to the stave room), FILL BOTTLE (with what?), BREATH (the bottle 
is full of your air), GET FOURTH (the statue demands that you drop the 
fourth statue before leaving), DROP FOURTH.

E (there is a dropoff ahead), THROW PILLOW, N (the pillow softens the 
landing… you are in the ice room), DROP CARROT, DROP BOTTLE, DROP BOOTS, 
DROP SHOVEL (can't carry too much across the bridge), W, W (across bridge 
to room of the spheres), GET GOLD (sphere), GET SILVER (sphere), GET 
PLATINUM (sphere), JUGGLE SPHERES (keeping a sphere in the air lightens 
you so you can cross the bridge), E, E (back to ice room), GET CARROT, N 
(torture chamber), E (temple of Anarakull), LOOK ALTAR (looks like you 
could move it), MOVE ALTAR (reveals a dark passage east), E 

S (ledge where you see a sign in the distance), READ SIGN (your eyes 
aren't good enough to see that far), EAT CARROT (can now read the sign), 
N (antechamber), CLOSE DOOR (closing the door reveals a different 
passage), N (jail), GET KEY, S, W, W, N (chamber of pillars), N 
(underground river), THROW KEY ACROSS RIVER, SWIM (to ancient crypt), GET 
KEY, UNLOCK DOOR (to the crypt), E (throne room where you meet Anarakull 
who is weaving a spell – note the spheres must be thrown in order), THROW 
SILVER (sphere – it strikes and explodes), THROW GOLD (sphere – he 
screams in agony), THROW PLATINUM (sphere… the demon's throne slides 
aside revealing a dim cavern that winds its way to the surface… you step 
into the bright sunlight and are immediately arrested by the guards… they 
bring you before the king who returns your original weapons and clothing.

Well done, Champion.
By returning from the Demon's Forge you have regained your freedom.

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