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Magnetic Moon (Magnetic_Moon_1992_hints.txt)

Magnetic Moon  (1992 version)
by Larry Horsfield
SFS Adventures/Adventure Probe Software
Spectrum 128

You are Erlin wanting to see some action while your ship, the Stellar Queen, is 
being repaired.

Type VOCABULARY in each section for a list of verbs to use.

Explicit hints are available at the Tipshop.

Additional hints:

One of the most difficult things in this game is to know what to carry over to 
the next part of the game.

There are several red herrings: the drill, the saw, the tripod, the theodolite, 
the extension lead, the PH meter, the shovel, bleach, gloves, brush. While hints 
available at the Tipshop do not make use of the plunger, it is helpful to keep a 
door from closing.

You need several objects found in Part 1 are needed in either Part 2 or Part 3 
or both. Before leaving part 1, you need to have put the helmet and another 
object in a safe place (otherwise you lose it in Part 2) for retrieval in part 2 
and necessary for part 3. Some items found in Part 2 are necessary in Part 3. So 
carry with you all you can in the backpack or the box. Of course, you will 
always carry the rope and grapnel, the cutter, the flashlight as they are very 
useful tools.

You will need to polish something in Part 3 – take what you need.

You lose the box when you jump in the hole in Part 3. Make sure you take out 
what you may need.

One of the cylinders is needed in Part 3. Which one? Whichever one is not empty. 
But when it's empty, don't be too quick to throw it out (while it is not really 
needed – it does get you more points).

Terri Sheehan

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